Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Mummy- 1959

Starring Peter. Cushing, and Christopher Lee, in one of their early movies before Tim Burton and "Star Wars", this is one of the classic horror monster movies by Hammer Films.

1895, a archeological team entered a tomb in Egypt, as this was the mystery they were trying to unfold. While one nan, which was Peter had a injury on his leg, his father and a friend entered the tomb. Before that, a strange man warned them about something. Something that was in it besides treasure. But when his father was ill, they went home as the tomb was destroyed.

1898 in England, the father was still ill since the Egypt tomb incident as it was in a nursing home. When 2 delivery booze guys were delivering something in a crate, the wooden crate fell off and fell in a muddy bog in a muddy swamp. That was owned by that man went in that tomb and found something that was dangerous besides treasure. A deadly mummy, bound for revenge on his tomb.

That showed in 2000 BC, after a fair woman died of a deadly disease, he almost brought her back to life but was punished when he was buried alive. After the ill father, and his friend were strangled to death by that mummy, only that guy played by Peter Cushing can stop it. During a attack at his house by that mummy, his fiancplayed by Yvonne Furneaux saw in horror, until the mummy saw her and thought she was the woman she lost. Almost like Kikyo and Kagome that look alike in the hit anime tv series "Inuyasha".

The second attacked happened again, as some of the townspeople were guarding his house. That fiancand mummy met again, and killed his own master by stretching him and killing him. That man who warned the team, and dug up that mummy to do what he can. He learned his lesson after that. By the time the mummy came back to the muddy swamp, and release her after carrying her, they killed it by open firing it by double barrel shotguns. That thing was never seen again, as it payed there.

In a alternate ending the way I think about it, they open fire by those shotguns, throw a bottle of bug pheromones on him, and threw a grenade in a beehive in a old tree. This will make the deadly bees angry and kill it. One way they could kill a mummy like that. Pheromones, bees, and mud that mummy will suffer.
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