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The Vampire Diaries Episode 5 04

In Remembrance: A Trip Down Memory Lane

This week's episode of viewers were treated to a trip down TVD memory lane as our supernatural friends try to restore Stefan's memory. However, in doing so they found out a secret no one saw coming. The episode titled, "For Whom the Bell Tolls," was quite an emotional episode making fans no matter what the ship preference, can't help but feel a little nostalgic.



The episode starts off with Damon and Stefan cruising around in a stolen Mustang. Damon has Stefan reading some of his old journals in hopes that something might spark his memory. Brushing Stefan up on Salvatore family history, Damon reminds a hungry and anxious Stefan that the reason they're not acting more like vampires is due to his ripper status. Stefan mistakenly suggests that he must be the fun brother and Damon the safe one. So to prove him wrong, Damon hits the gas and pulls the emergency brake rolling the car and leaving them sprawled out on the road. I think Damon could have come up with a better way to prove he's the fun brother, but I'm sure the nearby sorority girls are thankful he didn't.

After peeling themselves off the pavement, Stefan and Damon head to the Mystic Grill for the morbid town tradition of Remembrance Day. A bell is rung in honor of a deceased loved one and everyone does a shot. Stefan still jones-ing for blood wonders why he is focused on the waitress' neck. Elena meets up with the brothers at the Grill and is surprised Damon failed to mention her in his history lesson. Damon and Elena talk strategy while Stefan goes to chat up the cute waitress. He follows the waitress into the back and he was preparing to feed, but Damon shows up just in time to stop him and concedes that today, he'll be the safe brother. It's obvious why Damon decided not to mention Elena, but did they really need to make him still so insecure all the time?


In the meantime, a shirtless Jeremy is finishing up a workout and Bonnie pops in for the eye candy. They have another serious conversation on telling everyone about her death when Jeremy gets a call from Matt. He heads over to see Matt who is in a panic because he can't get a hold of Bonnie. He tells Jeremy about him losing time, the mystery knife he found in his pocket and then explains why the cameras are set up around the house. Jeremy assures him Bonnie is just traveling and he will make sure to ask her about it.


Damon, Elena and Stefan leave the Grill and head to the Salvatore family crypt as the Remembrance Day's activities move to the local cemetery.

"Hindsight being 20/20, way too much temptation at the bar. So, if this ripper gene is biological than we need to minimize human contact 'til we get your brain all witchy- wooed back to normal." - Damon.

Damon briefly shares the Salvatore family's history of the deceased until he gets a phone call and steps away, leaving Elena with Stefan. She shares her tragic family history of lost loved ones. Stefan jokingly suggests that he and Elena met in a cemetery and she laughs saying, well kind of, but not officially.

In another part of the cemetery, Caroline and Jesse, whom she brought back to Mystic Falls for the day, are studying. He is quizzing her so she can test into Dr. Maxfield's class who Jesse so happens to be his assistant. He distracts Caroline for a second and sneaks in for a kiss, or so he thinks. Hello she's a vampire! She so knew he was there. Cheesy, but still cute.

A Little History Repeating

Elena takes Stefan to Mystic Falls High to recreate the first time they met, hoping it would help spark his memory. Resigned that it doesn't matter who came from what direction, they head outside. Elena shows Stefan he can jump up onto the roof and reminds him of when he whooshed her to the top of a ferris wheel. Stefan, who comes to the conclusion they dated, is curious to what happened between them and assumes he did something wrong. Elena reassures him it was her that changed when she became a vampire. Stefan inquires how so they go to Wickery Bridge where she explains the two accidents. Trying to convince Stefan that he was not just a 'rippah,' she reminds him how she held his face telling him not to hide and they almost share a kiss until Elena informs him she's with Damon. Upset, Stefan just disappears. I think it was sweet how Elena tried to help Stefan, but recreating some very poignant moments of her relationship might not have been the best idea. Remember how happy we were? Oh by the way, I'm with your brother. Ouch! Not only did she remind Stefan of their relationship, she reminded herself. Uh-oh, I foresee a reappearance of TVD's famed love triangle in the future.


A very drunk Stefan wanders through the cemetery full of Remembrance Day participants and runs into Caroline. He knows her as his best friend because he's seen pictures. Jesse joins the , butCaroline quickly compels him to hide because she feels its unsafe due to Stefan's condition, Stefan tricks Caroline into fetching some blood bags from her car and sneaks away to find Jesse in a nearby crypt. Stefan drunk and hungry goes all 'ripper' on him. (Yay! We finally see a glimpse of the Rippah we've all been secretly craving since last episode) Caroline comes along just in time and stops Stefan from killing Jesse and uses her blood to heal him. Stefan disappears again..

"I have no morals because my brain was fried. My brother who's been my brother for 160 some years stole my girlfriend. And my girlfriend let him. So, you tell mewhat's

the point in being good?" - Stefan.


Meanwhile, Damon returns to the Salvatore house to find Jeremy with a very somber confession. He tells Damon about the consequences of Bonnie bringing him back to life and Damon reacts in anger. And just when it appears he is going to lash out at Jeremy he hugs him.I loved this scene between Damon and Jeremy! It was so powerful to see how their relationship as evolved.

Jeremy then heads over to Matt's who had just awoke from a nap to find the passenger inside him has left him a message. It warns Matt to protect the blade from his friends who will come looking for it. Matt tells Jer about it all and insists he needs Bonnie. Jeremy decides it is time to let Matt know about Bonnie. I am glad Matt has more of a story line this season, but to be honest, I am bored with it already. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Matt Donovan, but his story line is too slow.

Stefan turns up again at the Salvatore throwing his journals into the fire. Confused Damon and Elena ask what he;s doing. He says he is leaving. He doesn't trust either of them, but he does trust Caroline. He informs them she has agreed to call him every hour to check up on him and leaves.Stefan's tantrum before leaving the Salvatore house was a little much. Elena, not one to give up on anyone, is determined Bonnie will know what to do and starts to call her. Damon stops her and solemnly tells her about Bonnie's unfortunate death.


Before joining her friends for Bonnie's funeral, Caroline checks on Stefan, who spent the night in the Salvatore crypt. He assures her he will be there for her just as she was for him last night. She then joins Damon, Elena, Matt, Jeremy and even ghost Bonnie for a memorial for Bonnie. Cue the waterworks! Everyone brought something that represents a memory with Bonnie; Jeremy a photo, Caroline a pom pom. Matt a lifeguard whistle, Elena feathers and Damon a grimoire they placed on a tree stump one by one as Bonnie watched. Jeremy then rung a bell in remembrance on her.

"Say that I'm not going anywhere. Say that even though they couldn't see me, I've been there the whole time." - Bonnie.

Bonnie then told Jeremy a message to convey to them assuring them she's alright. She also shared messages for Matt, Elena and Caroline each individually and when she got to Caroline, Tyler appeared out of the woods. They all stood together in memory of their beloved lost friend. This scene felt very much like the tribute to Alaric in the end on season 3, but hit a little harder, no disrespect to Alaric, may he rest in peace. Maybe it's because Bonnie was so young or maybe because she was always saving their asses, a true heroine. In my opinion they got it right.


A confused Jesse is back at Whitmore College in Dr. Wes Maxfield's lab. He is trying to remember how he spent the previous night. Apparently, he took some of Jesse's blood for testing and he able to determine that he has vampire blood in his system. Dr. Maxfield says that means one of two things; either you were injured to the point of being killed and it was used to heal you or someone wants to turn you into a vampire. He guesses the former, but says good news is having vampire blood in your system is step one to making a vampire, The episode concludes with Dr. Maxfield injecting Jesse with something that kills him.


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