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Winter 2014

Sometimes I wonder why people bother with K-ON! but neglect an actual milestone of moe like Kaiji.

Oh well, season preview time I guess.

You know the deal with these things. No staff or studio listings, no synopses, no PVs, not even pictures. These are just my rough and vague guesses and estimations on upcoming things and they either might or might not hold truth to a certain degree or something. Things are only so informative and there's probably always that one anime blogger in the know about that one anime director for that one show I had next to no idea about, so don't think that just because I didn't mention some talent involved doesn't mean there isn't any. Anyway, onto the shows.

Pupipo!: Gotta say, the AniChart description made this one look a bit less interesting than MAL's. Which, mind you, is still not THAT interesting and it's a short anime anyway, something I don't get along with all too well to begin with, so I doubt I'll go anywhere with this.

pupa: This might very well be the most interesting incest thingie I've come across in .. ever? I'm not sure. Is there anything that could possibly outdo incest monster girl gore cannibalism? I don't think so. Well, it does look relatively interesting and they got the Saraiya Goyou director for this, so there's that and I'm expecting it to look good if nothing else. The director also stated how they went all the way to not tone down the gore and didn't care about finding a TV station first, hence why there wasn't anything of this during the Fall season despite the website mentioning several times that it's a TV anime (which never happened and had been removed last week before we got a confirmation that yes, TV stations ARE going to air it) parallel to airing on nico (which also didn't happen) with further information that was supposed to be released during October (which didn't happen either!). Uh, great job there. Also, it's rumored to be a 5 minutes thing, which would make sense given Earthstar Comics has only had a single adaptation not being one so far (namely that tits-wrestling thing airing this season) despite this one being their main claim to fame but said rumor refers to an interview no one ever got to see. Bonus points for the manga apparently ending before the adaptation managed to begin airing. Quite an awesome track record, I know.

Toei Robot Girls Z: Being totally not a mecha fan or familiar with any of the franchises listed, I might be lost on this but hey, I watched episode 0, had no problems whatsoever following that and it was decent, cute, energetic and had good and pretty stylish animation, so color me thrilled. It would also be the second good-looking Toei thing in a row. Aiming for a record here, aren't we?

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 2: I lasted halfway through the first season and had to give up at some point. That thing was so nightmarishly bad, just mentioning it gives me the downs. Good grief, was that atrocious. Boring, predictable, redundant, cringeworthy, annoying, you name it. This? Touching it? Get out of my sight.

Silver Spoon 2: Aaaaaand here's another sequel, of something good actually though! I was fairly fond of the first season temporarily saving noitaminA and combined with SamuMenco, we might actually be in for the first run with two non-crappy shows sinceNO.6 and Usagi Drop? Anyway, welcoming as many seasons as possible!

Go! Go! 745: What the fuck. How can you actually adapt this. It's literally based on game for creating poems, cute girls inclusive because hey, that's Japan for you. At best, we'll get yet another of those Aikatsu/PreCure/Jewelpet things my twitter timeline is totally crazy for for reasons beyond me and hey, what kind of an "At best" thing is that anyway? I guess I should be amused though that is an adaptation of a VITA game. That makes it even more obscureby at least three times!

Hamatora The Animation: I tried to get a little more info on this other than what little is written in the vague blurb on AniChart.net. Really, I tried. I couldn't find anything. Add to the list of obscurities that the manga has begun getting serialized a week ago or so. Eh, at least it does look cool and not toooo uninteresting and all. Then there's Kishi though and Kishi is a hack like no other, although he probably can't fuck things up as much with this as with his poor video game adaptations. Welp, I guess the music shouldn't be too bad. The guy has done the composing for several well-regarded Oomori works so far and from Natsume to Durarara!!, I couldn't find any faults with that.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu: It actually doesn't look too bad and is published in a magazine for young male salarymen although this one seems to be fairly popular among female readers, so things could be worse. Then there's that comedy tag though, something that doesn't make me all too optimistic and all, with comedy being pretty much the thing anime's the worst at. And since WIT is in charge of animation right after Titan, who knows how many (or rather few) weeks it will take them to run into disastrous scheduling problems. Betting is hereby strongly encouraged.

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.: I think I've heard good things from the five people or so who've read the manga about the source material and it admittedly could look worse but if it's yet another Gingitsune or soulless healing anime for the weak-minded, count me out.

Mahou Sensou: Oooooooh, here's our obligatory terrible fantasy high/middle school light novel adaptation! Sweet! Including the magical girlfriend out of nowhere immediately diminishing everything the premise mentioned beforehand! Doubly sweet! By the way, this is one of 5 of those things that got announced at the MF Bunko J anniversary which provoked some shitstorming throughout the blogosphere, so be prepared for some amusing first impression posts. If there are good things to be said about this, then probably that they got the Kaiji folks under the helm of the Horizon director working on this and that it might actually have some decent visuals. Other than that, though? Naaah.

Maken-Ki! Two: Sequel to something I did not watch nor have any intentions of ever picking up. Also, the studio changed from AIC to XEBEC and the art style changed for worse. Hooray?

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei: I like how the preview mentions an important male character as part of a duo with the protagonist, yet the all the key visual does is show some girls. If this is yet another of those short-lived "cute girls (not) doing x/being in a school club" things, count me out. Looking over the author's works, it might as well go for the more harmless/atmospheric/heart-warming side and it does star both the GJ-bu director and animation director/character designer, so if you like those things, it might be worth checking out.

Nisekoi: Ugh. I haven't read the manga but I've only heard the most terrible things about it. I usually don't pay much heed to what manga readers have to say but if it's bad things, they tend to turn out to be frustratingly apt. It's also SHAFT and wow, can SHAFT be annoying, particularly when taking into consideration that they can barely get an anime done in time, even less so with their awful, awful Monogatari II scheduling and starting a show right after that while still working on Monogatari II, Kizumonogatari as well as perhaps Kagerou Days will turn out incredibly unsightly. Furthermore, I don't like atrocious animation a tiny bit more if it's combined with annoying gimmick-direction that has worn thin long ago. Eh, at least the main girl looks cute, so it might prove to be decent doujin fuel. I wouldn't know!

Nobunaga the Fool: Even after reading the rather wordy synopsis, I still can't tell you what it's about. All I know is that I've been anything but fond of anime somehow related to Nobunaga. Then again, this at least seems to go for the crazier route and includes several other famous folks from history as well and who knows, we might get to see some decent action animation. Oh, there's also Thomas Romain coming along with Satelight, so it might be worth checking out because European doing japanimation and shit.

Nobunagun: And here's the next batshit-insane Nobunaga thing and I actually like the premise a bit more with this one having weapons infused with historical figures. That'ssomething.

Noragami: And so BONES returns after a looooooong break withsix shows next year! Anyway, this isn't exactly their most interesting one among their line-up and sounds like yet another generic fantasy fighting series and with Yozakura still around, I've grown fairly sick of that. It does look a tad darker and more interesting than its kind though, so I'll give it that and there's reason to believe they'll at least get the action right but hey, so does Yozakura and I wouldn't want to watch another season of that. Well, it does have Taku Iwasaki composing though, so I'd say betting on the audiovisual execution would be the best thing to do.

Nourin: Here comes Oonuma! On a decline since everything after C ! Boy, does that excite me! Also, idol love interest! Who knows, it might actually be hilarious. Or have anything to do with agriculture. There's a 90% chance though that won't be the case.

Oneechan ga Kita: This is literally all about a tights-wearing onee-san. Is this still reality? Yes? Oh, so that might explain why she's only seventeen, has an interest in her thirteen years old younger brother, is not blood-related, looks like a blob and is completely retarded. Fuck you, Japan. This is nothing like the 21 years old teasing onee-san ara ara-ing me into a warm and fuzzy sleep. I hate you. Yes, I hate you.

Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga.: And here's the next incest thing, this time with an imouto though. Fuck imoutos. Even more so with no blood relation and all. At least this one has a bit more of an interesting premise than the pseudo-onee-chan thing. Then again, low standards are being applied here, particularly with how much the light novel CM creeped me out. YouTube recommending me to watch a Yosuga no Sora blowjob clip as well might actually hold a point.

Saki: Zenkoku-Hen: Not sure whether I'm going to watch this. As far as I recall, I did like the original a few(/lot) years back but haven't given that spinoff thing a try which is said to be pretty terrible anyway. Now that that would hinder me from watching this in any way but I'm not sure if I still have any interest in superpowered lesbian mahjong. It's also a bit amusing that since then, the manga hasn't made it past the quarter finals, yet this thing is called "The Tournament Arc". Uh, okay.

Sakura Trick: Look and behold, ladies and gentlemen! Actual Shoujo-Ai! Although they may end up toning stuff down and all with this airing at prime time (how? As if I'd know!). I guess I'll at least give it a look for curiosity's sake but whatever I've seen from Yuri/Shoujo-Ai so far made it fairly clear that I have little to no interest in it between the terrible melodrama kitsch and atrocious character interactions. Expecting something awful here.

Seitokai Yakuindomo 2: Eh, I've somehow made it through the first season and 8 OVAs, so I guess I'll watch this too. Really, it's not too bad anyway. It might just be me getting accustomed to it but the characters aren't too horrible and neither are the jokes. Far from great either, really, but at least things usually work out. With it being GoHands and all, we might actually get to see yet another excellently animated first episode before everything crumbles down to their usual level. Either that or that rule doesn't apply to sequels. I certainly don't hope so.

Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda: It admittedly looks somewhat cool and unique. Other than that, no info has been released on this other than that it's about a gang trying to conquer the world. Going by the key visual though, there's doubt this'll go in too much of a serious direction (which I'd prefer) but who knows. I guess it's worth a mention that the guy behind this was also pretty much the guy behind Darker Than Black. Could be worse.

SoniAni: Super Sonico The Animation: Owwwww, look at this! An anime on a nitroplus mascot! I guess we can assume that White Fox was a logical place for that because they did nitro+'s most successful adaptation? On that note, I also recall something about how 6 nitroplus visual novels were supposed to get adaptations, whatever happened to that? This is what we're getting instead? This one's best case is being fun and energetic, its worst case beingnever mind.

Space Dandy: Worst! kept! secret! of! the! industry! Also the one with the most big names attached to it. I'm not all that hyped for it with the content apparently being 80% comedy but it's certainly worth giving a try considering who's working on this. This has Dai Sato writing under the helm of Shinichiro Watanabe (Bebop and Apollon), Yutaka Nakamura animating and oh, they got some European folks too with Bahi JD animating (at this point, I should probably note that the animated material so far has been fairly well-animated) and Thomas Romain responsible for the spaceship designs. Also, they got about 100 alien designs, with every episode having a new illustrator for those to ensure an utmost level of distinctiveness. Pluuuuuuuuuus they got one of my favorite directors, Hiroshi Hamasaki, on board for one episode and thanks to their great scheduling, they've already finished a third of the show anyway. Sure, I'm more interested in Watanabe's super-secret SERIOUS(tm) MAPPA project for next year but hey, this doesn't look all too bad either!

Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta: This was postponed from the Fall season to this one and actually doesn't sound all too bad. Also, there was that MADHOUSE movie spinoff adaptation, which was kinda decent as well. This one has inferior character designs though but hey, if the content's fine, why should I care?

Tonari no Seki-kun: It doesn't have the worst premise as far as comedy anime are concerned? I've heard good things about the manga, but once again, credibility with fans of the source material and it being a comedy are the issues here. Well, it does give off the impression of something that gets its character interactions right and the entire "Comes up with new inventions every day" thing does give room to potential creativity, so there's that. Not too fond of it being 10 minutes long though.

Wake Up, Girls!: Oh, Yamakan. Oh, you. I recall how he promised he'd quit from directing in case Fractale failed. Fail it did, quit he didn't. I also can't help but think that this wouldn't exist if not for Yokoyama's iDOLM@STER episode. And whatever happened to moe and otaku being the ? Aren't we being a little bit hypocritical here? Anyway, it's idol flick, something I totally not get along with and having Yamakan in charge of something like that pretty much un-gimmicks his dancing performance shticks. I'm also fairly certain this will bring along so many pretentious messages of the likes of not objectifying idols and whatnot and I don't want to hear that from an idol anime of all things.

Witch Craft Works: The trailer for this looked blander than it had any right to be, especially taking Mizushima's involvement into consideration. I'm still being semi-optimistic here with its looks and direction, having faith in the guy. What does worry me a bit though is that I've heard from manga fans that the manga really, really goes for flashy action, something would require some proper budget which I don't see this having. That aside, it might actually be fun content-wise too (at least I hope so) and contrary to that onee-chan thing, fetishizes a "proper" tall girl, a rarity like no other. 170 cm or so I heard! Awesome, Japan!

Z/X Ignition: Oh, a card game adaptation. The corner stone for things to go wrong since this doesn't actually look like it's going to be about people playing with cards as in Yu-Gi-Oh! but something else. AniChart even says it's based on the PS3 game. It doesn't even sound terribly interesting either apart from the timeframe concept and like I said, I have no clue what this is going to be about. This also has Fate/stay night's/Crime Edge's director and the latter easily has the best shot at winning the award for the worst direction this year has had to offer and keep in mind that we've been through Danganronpa. I think my favorite part about this is that it advertises itself as the first "free" card game. You can literally go online and print out a deck and play with that without getting into trouble. Sasuga.

Sword Art Online: Extra Edition: Oh boy.

Neppuu Kairiku Bushi Road: For anyone not in the know, Bushiroad is a toy producer. And soon also an anime. Note that it should have been exactly that for ages by now when GAINAX was supposed to do this. Now we've "revived" it with Kinema Citrus at its helm instead. I expect this to look cool and be about pretty much nothing but hey, since it's just a one-episode thing, that makes it worth a shot. They even claimed there's a movie budget in store for us! Judging from the PV though, it sure didn't look like it and wow, is that a conveniently vague expression. I'd like to claim there was a bit of a difference in term of the budget between the HxH movie and the Brotherhood one. Also, airing it over a three hour block despite only 90 minutes of air time apparently is a thing. Don't ask.

Mushishi Special: I like Mushishi as much as the next guy, don't get me wrong on that. But this sucks. An one hour special? This better be a prelude for the second season we were promised a year ago. A second season that was supposed to be airing now. Also, not getting a promised second season of Mushishi is already bad enough on its own but not giving me the Anime Bingo point you owe me? That's playing dirty! I bet on the safest horse no one else bothered to recognize and this is what I get? Not cool!

So much for that. I guess it's hardly going to be the most fulfilling season ever? And that's still being generous. Well, Winter seasons, you know the deal, backlog seasons, etc. etc.. I guess a few shows will actually be decent but that's pretty much it and most of your enjoyment with this one will depend on how many anime you have carrying over from other seasons. Well, things certainly could be a whole lot worse for me, that's for sure. Thank goodness they aren't.
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