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Can you feel it? That stirring in the air? That excitement on the way? No? I do. It's the feeling of Wolverine Legends about to hit direct retail and the feeling of joy as I finally free Puck from his plastic prison. In that one little step I will be all that much closer to completing the long overdue Alpha Flight. Yes, Alpha Flight. That amazing Canadian superhero team that first rose to stardom in the issues of The Uncanny X-Men, only to fall into mediocrity and become the laughing stock of the Marvel Universe.


Recently I covered and was none-too-pleased with the result. I expected more for the leader of Alpha Flight, which is understandable when you stand him next to his predecessor, Sasquatch. Appearing in Toy Biz's series 12 in 2006, this figure was an accomplishment. He is a 9- to 10-inch figure packed into a blister card for 6-inch figures. He is super-poseable. He is beautifully sculpted. He is huge.


There is one mention that must be made before continuing this review, however: during the picture taking process, Sasquatch "took" a hard shelf dive, landing head first and snapping his neck -- right off. If he looks funky, it's because his head is being held into place with sticky tack.


This is a beautiful sculpt. This thing is Sasquatch. It looks like John Byrne's art popping off the page and standing in your living room. The hair and musculature are perfect and the overall proportions are perfectly done. The sculpt captures that ape concept that we've some to think Sasquatch has in our reality. Byrne gave the big monster orange hair, and there is probably a good explanation for that; it gives the figure an orangutan look and feel, reinforcing the "ape" aspect of the big, shaggy beast. It's clear that I have a man crush for the figure (and the character) and I can find few faults with it; however, there is oneone minorfault: he's not big enough. No, seriously. I know it sounds silly, but there is a part of me that wants him to be like 10 stories tall. while I know this figure is actually pretty well-scaled to stats, the relative scaler in me wants him to be super huge. And he isn't.


Sasquatch is articulated -- out the wazoo! Toy Biz had it right with the articulation on Marvel Legends; they knew what they were doing. This bad boy could achieve just about any pose you wanted and then some. The only area that could use improvement is the head. Hampered by the long head hair and shortness of the neck, there isn't much room for posing the head. You get the poses you need, but not much else. And the big flowing locks off the back of the head lookodd.

hinged toes

rocker ankles

hinged ankles

shin swivels

double knees

ball hips

swivel waist

hinged ab

rocker shoulders

ball shoulders

swivel biceps

double elbows

swivel forearms

hinged wrists

articulated fingers

hinged neck

swivel head


I can't recommend this figure enough. If you are planning on completing Alpha Flight with Puck's arrival, then get out and pick up this figure. It is a key figure to have, and if you are desperate, pick up the variant white version since that is the only version of the character Snowbird available. You know, Snowbird -- one of the founding Alpha Flight members.

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