Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Very Scary Visit to Watson's

Is this a comment about patrons staying a little too long at the nursery?Oh sure, pack a lunch, stay all day, in fact why not spend eternity here!

Flowering cabbage/kale looks gorgeous to me but some of you find it quite frightening.BOO!

Like alien arms, the leaves draw you toward the insatiable mouth of the monster.

Hey, where did Alison go?We'll miss her.

I have one of these that grows in a pot and I'm very tempted to let it loose in my parking strip.I've heard that they'll take over.Does anyone have experience with Physalis alkekengi set free in the garden?

Nearly pink pumpkins or just a winter squash trying to fit in for the season?

Is there a message here with 'Blonde Ambition' in full bloom/seed with death close at hand?

Don't be frightened, Loree, the weeping Atlas Cedar can't hurt you.It may be creepy but it's tied the moment...

We interrupt the scariness for some pictures of lovely foliage.

Callicarpa dichotoma 'Summer Snow' (beauty berry) charmed me into buying one earlier this summer with it's gorgeous foliage.The blooms on this one are just opening now as are mine at home.This is supposed to happen in the spring and purple berries are supposed to follow in autumn.Do you suppose they'll eventually fall into line?Anyway aren't the purple hues of the autumn foliage lovely?

Disanthus cercidifolius, one of the best shrubs for autumn color, would have come home with me if there was a single inch of empty space in my garden.

Meanwhile, inside, there are more fun displays.

Love the velvet pumpkins!

Clever idea!

My garden may just need one or two of these.Perhaps growing out of the bowling ball bed?

Ornamental peppers.

A new (to me) Schefflera.Who could resist that interesting variegation and nifty scalloped leaves.

Has Peperomia always been this pink?

Everyone couldsqueeze one more Sansevieria in somewhere.The require almost no light and even less water.

x Groptovelia 'Opolina'so soft so pretty, so ghostly.
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