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Coffin Hop Web Tour, day five, at Angelic Knight Press, belongs to Bryan Hall! Being the sneaky guy that I am, and Stacey not aware of what I'm up too, we are giving away all three of Bryan's great ebooks. Stacey will have a puppy! I was thinking, though, that the best way to read and get a grip on the horror involved is to start with book one and go through the series. Makes sense, doesn't it? Look at all the great reviews I have included below. You know you want to read these super tales.

How do you win? Merely be the first one to tell me the name of the main character in these tales. Easy as pie. Make certain to add your response on the blog. Good luck, and happy reading!

Blaze McRob


Publication Date: May 29, 2012 "Bryan Hall has done it again with 'The Vagrant.' His writing of ghosts and of the one who chases and interacts with them, are spot on. He writes with restraint and sureness. Sometimes he writes with poetry as in this sentence: -There was a strange odor hanging in the air, however, like old books in a trunk - the scent of something very old but very important. I love Hall's ghost stories and his Southern sensibilities. He is a writer to watch."-Billie Sue Mosiman, author of Wireman and Widow

"Crate Northgate is that throwback loner I grew up reading and watching on TV. He feels like an old friend come back, only he's a bit... darker, like he's seen way too much."- Armand Rosamilia, author of Dying Days and Death Metal

Creighton Northgate is a man shrouded in mystery and on the run from a past he doesn't even fully understand. Blurring the lines between vagabond, enigma, drunkard, and savior, he spends his days staring into the southern legends and paranormal events that most only speak of in hushed, half-believing whispers.

In the midst of a sweltering southern day, he attempts to help a homeless man who seems to share his curse; a man haunted by a silent figure from beyond this world who pursues his every step. By the end of the day, Crate discovers that some things are best left alone; some truths best left in the dark.

This novelette serves as an introduction to the Southern Hauntings Saga and its central character Crate Northgate, a man whose shadowy past is slowly catching up to him. The first novella in the series will be released late summer 2012.

5.0 out of 5 stars June 1, 2012 By Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified PurchaseThis book was a fun read and didn't focus too much on character development of the main character , which was nice. It felt like meeting an old friend, a friend you knew long ago but haven't kept up with. I'm looking very forward to reading other books from Bryan Hall.


Publication Date: August 1, 2012 In the second installment of The Southern Hauntings Saga, Crate Northgate arrives at a rural Appalachian home to help a family uncover the truth about what happened to their missing daughter and why her father is haunted by visions of her wandering their property. But the secret may be too much to bear; it's weight too much to carry.

More of Crate's past is revealed, drawing you deeper into the mystery of his personal ghosts.

Advance Praise for The Girl:

"An intriguing character study and a fascinating journey, dripping with Southern flavor. Bryan Hall delivers the goods with THE GIRL and tells this story like a true pro!"


"Bryan Hall is a master storyteller with a true sense of the macabre."

-- Eric S Brown, author of the BIGFOOT WAR series.

"Bryan hall gives his readers a welcome dose of heart-felt horror. A future best-seller without a doubt."

-- Iain Rob Wright, author of The Final Winter.

"One of those creepy stories that you can't put down and turn the light off... especially with lingering thoughts of ghosts in the night."

-- Armand Rosamilia, author of the Dying Days zombie series.

"Bryan Hall is a master storyteller in the old Southern tradition of atmosphere, mood, and creeping suspense. He writes with finesse and confidence, with great skill and an innate sense of how to tell his story. I admire him greatly and can't wait to see his admirable success!"

--Billie Sue Mosiman, Author of 14 novels including the Edgar-Nominated novel, NIGHT CRUISING, and the Stoker-nominated novel, WIDOW.

5.0 out of 5 stars September 4, 2012 By Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified PurchaseI'm not going to summarize the story for you. Let's get that out of the way up front. Get the sample if you aren't sure if you'll like it. I have a sneaking suspicion you'll end up downloading a copy, however.

It's a ghost story and a mystery, I'll say only that much about it, and Bryan Hall's telling of this story is incredible. At points you can almost smell the pines described, or even see the ghosts waiting in the shadows. Just enough creepy to keep you up and reading at night. I started the story at 3:30am and finished it by 7:30am. It's a wonderful page turner and not to be missed!

~ Suzi M


Publication Date: February 2, 2013 Still shaken by the events of "The Girl", Crate Northgate heads to the town of Sutton's Mill hoping to keep his mind away from his past - and the spirit of his dead brother, Martin.

But the town harbors a dark secret, lurking deep within the forest that surrounds it. Mutilated bodies have begun to appear, and the townsfolk are haunted by a beast seen only in the shadows. Crate agrees to help try to stop the killings and to uncover the source of the terror that hangs over Sutton's Mill; but what he uncovers will challenge the limits of his sanity and add a new, horrible scar to his already fragile psyche.

5.0 out of 5 stars July 5, 2013 By Format:Kindle EditionIt is evident to me that the Southern Haunting Saga is only going to get better. The Girl was a wonderful read, but The Lurker is even better. And with hints that the larger secret haunting Crate Northgate is beginning to unravel, I can't wait for the next installment. Another wonderful read from Bryan Hall
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