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Case Study No. 1080: Peter Durant


Doc Holliday meets some locals who tell her a bit about Rustin Parr and Burkittsville's history. She also makes some plans for the next day but firts she's gonna have to survive the night...

Some minor glitches again but luckily nothing major. The plot thickens, the atmosphere gets heavier and just when you think it's over Doc's good night sleep turns into a massacre.

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[the player enters Gretchen's Diner, where several local citizens are enjoying the food]

HALE: Mmm, this must be where pies go when they die!

[the player sits down at the counter next to an old man (balding, glasses, dark vest over blue shirt) and speaks with the young waitress]

GRETCHEN: Hi, honey, my name's Gretchen. What can I get for you today?

DOC: I'll just have the blue-plate special, thank you.

LIBRARIAN: I'm Peter Durant. Gretchen here owns this place, and she's the best darn cook in the county.

GRETCHEN: Oh Peter, stop!

[she turns back to the player]

GRETCHEN: You're new in town, aren't you?

DOC: No, I'm just visiting. My name's Elspeth Holliday. It's nice to meet you.

LIBRARIAN: Uh, what brings you to Burkittsville? You're not another reporter, I hope ...

DOC: Oh, no ... Um, m-my sister's daughter disappeared a few months ago in Martinsburg.

GRETCHEN: Oh no, honey, that's just awful!

LIBRARIAN: Terrible ... You don't think Rustin Parr had anything to do with it, do you?

DOC: I certainly hope not, but it is possible. I'm in town to talk to the sheriff who investigated the case.

GRETCHEN: Sheriff's name is Damon Bowers. Town hall is down the street, on the other side of the church.

DOC: Thank you.

[she turns back to the librarian]

DOC: Uh, Mister Durant. If you don't mind my asking, what is your occupation?

LIBRARIAN: Not rude at all. I'm a librarian, and head of the Burkittsville Historical Society.

DOC: An historian? Ah, any areas of expertise?

LIBRARIAN: Well, just the history of Burkittsville. I guess you could call me an authority. I've been studying it all my life.

DOC: Oh, interesting.

LIBRARIAN: Oh, it really is! We have quite a colorful history here. These ... recent events have brought to light one of our oldest legends, stories about the Blair Witch.

DOC: I've heard a few of the stories, but I don't really believe in that sort of thing.

LIBRARIAN: I do! I witnessed it myself ... When I was a kid, a girl I knew named Robin Weaver disappeared in the woods.

DOC: What happened to her?

LIBRARIAN: She eventually made her way back to town.

DOC: And?

LIBRARIAN: Oh, it wasn't what happened to her that scared me. Heck, it still scares me now ...

[the sound of thunder and a flash of lightning interrupt the scene, as the librarian turns and looks out the window]

LIBRARIAN: This might sound silly, but uh ... I'd rather not tell the story at night.

[cut to another shot of the two talking (as a pale-skinned girl is suddenly visible in a booth directly behind them)]

LIBRARIAN: If you are interested in our history, come by the library tomorrow. We have plenty of written documentation.

[cut to a closeup of Elspeth]

LIBRARIAN: And if you pry, I may tell you my account of the Robin Weaver story.

[cut to another shot of the two talking (as the girl is now gone)]

DOC: I might take you up on that offer ... Now, you said this girl Robin Weaver, came out alright? What happened while she was gone?

GRETCHEN: You should ask her! She still lives here. Careful, though, she's a little ... peculiar.

LIBRARIAN: Gretchen!

GRETCHEN: It's true, Peter!

LIBRARIAN: That may be, but ... Miss Holliday, Robin Weaver's always been a bit eccentric, even when she was a child. She keeps to herself most of the time now, and would probably prefer being left alone.

GRETCHEN: Y'know, you should stop by the newspaper office. The editor's name is Horace Gersten, he's been there a long time. He could tell you a lot of stories ... Mmm, it's pretty late now, but with the madness of the trial and all, he's been keeping some late hours. I bet he's still there.

DOC: Yes, I met him. We didn't discuss much, though, he seemed awfully busy.

GRETCHEN: Well, you might keep Horace in mind. Just in case you don't find everything you're looking for in Peter's library.

[cut to another shot of Gretchen]

GRETCHEN: As for Parr specifically, try talking to people who knew the victims. Anyone that knows Kyle Brody might help. Kyle's the boy that escaped from Rustin Parr.

[cut to a closeup of Gretchen's face]

GRETCHEN: Word is, he was forced to face the corner and listen as Parr did horrible things to those children. Can you imagine? He hasn't spoken a single word since he got back ... But his teacher at the school is close to all the children of Burkittsville. Maybe she can help you.

[cut to another shot of the two talking]

GRETCHEN: Oh, honey, I've been talkin' your ear off! Your dinner's gettin' cold ... You go on and eat now.

[cut to Elspeth alone, standing outside of the diner]

DOC: [to herself] I've just met the town's librarian, Peter Durant, who promises to have a lot of information about local legends and mythology. So, I'll visit the library tomorrow.

[she walks out into the dirt road]

DOC: [to herself] Burkittsville residents are not strangers to the Blair Witch legends. Interesting that no one seems to have had any first-hand experience with a witch, but nearly everyone claims to know someone who has ... or knows someone who knows someone.[the next day, the player enters the "Burkittsville Historical Societyassuming your audience is as brain dead as a Type IV zombie is something else.

Combat in the game does actually occur, though sometimes in annoying dream sequences. As with Nocturne, it is fast and violent, though you are mostly shooting dogs and stick people in the woods. It is pretty scary though and you learn things like how the kids from the original movie could have gotten lost. (The woods will change paths around to confuse people as it starts to get dark.) It's really the only way anyone could get lost around Burkittsville today. Walk more than a mile in any direction and you will come to a 7-11, or some other sign of civilization.

Anyway, it was pretty remote back in 1941 there, and the feeling of oblique danger pervades the woods as you explore. It's almost a relief to actually see something to shoot, because it breaks the tension somewhat. You can change the level of combat in case you find the monsters too difficult to takedown. This is for the nontraditional gamers I'm sure, but actually helps because a few creatures are nearly impossible to kill. I even found myself using the cheat codes at one point.

Oh, and The Stranger does eventually come and help with the shooting.

Taken as a whole, the game is good. It has a spooky feel to it that only a few games have been able to capture. In this manner, it is actually better than Nocturne, which seemed to be really too heavy with combat to advance the plot too much. It's a perfect (and inexpensive) gift for someone who likes horror movies but has not really gotten into computer games. Hardcore gamers will probably best avoid the title, as it might taint their fond memories of bloodletting in Nocturne. The game earns an above average 3.5 GiN Gem rating, with the caveat that for a nontraditional audience, the score would be much higher.
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