Sunday, October 27, 2013


Tieg, as well as the girls, do a fair amount of things these days to make us laugh (that's one of the joys of having kids, right?)... but one of the things I MOST enjoy is when I hear the bottom drawer of our oven mitt area close.... as I know what is coming next. From there, Tieg often attacks - treating the mitt like a monster of sorts and makes a loud, "RAAHHHHH!" as he tries to grab you with it and kind of hits with it too. The more you react, the better time everyone has. The girls even entertain him.

His selection has grown beyond oven mitts... he's also done it with a gardening glove and a winter mitten- he also has a red dinosaur that attacks occasionally as well. It's to much fun.

Here he is - mid-attack.... smile and all. I can guarantee you I was laughing on the other end too.
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