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Case Study No. 1081: Staff of Unnamed Library (SCTV Network)


SCTV, 11/26/82 - Bobby Bittman's PSA for The Public Library Association, promoting the importance of getting kids to read. Eugene Levy.

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[scene opens in the children's section of a public library, as Bobby Bittman turns and speaks directly to the camera (while a young female librarian shows a book to a little girl in the background)]

BOBBY: [yelling] How are ya?!

[he laughs maniacally as another little girl, who was browsing a nearby shelf, looks up at him in horror and runs away (he doesn't seem to notice and continues yelling into the camera)]

BOBBY: I'm Bobby Bittman ...

[he takes a book off the shelf]

BOBBY: And this is "Moby Dick," one of the classics. Y'know, it's a marvelous story about a big white whale, and all the adventures that happen to it out there in the ocean ... I never read this as a kid. I always thought fish was something you had with chips!

[he laughs again, then gets a serious look on his face]

BOBBY: Y'know, as a comic, in all seriousness ... next to television, I think reading is the window to the world for a small child!

[he walks up to the little girl who was talking to the librarian and begins patting her on the head]

BOBBY: Isn't that right, sweetheart?

[the girl looks at him blankly, then cut to Bobby sitting at a table with a group of children, as he looks up from his book]

BOBBY: What page are you on?

[none of the children respond, so he turns to the camera]

BOBBY: As parents, I'm sure most of ya make sure your kids eat right ... but do ya take enough time to make sure they read right? The Public Liberry Association asked me to write this spot because I've made no bones about the fact that as a kid, I was pretty ignorant. Fortunately for me, I ended up in show business.

[he gives a smirk, then points to the camera]

BOBBY: But your kids may not be so lucky! Their enlightenment may have to come from books, and that's where your neighborhood public liberry comes in!

[cut to Bobby walking up to an older female librarian standing at the front desk, and loudly dropping a pile of books on the counter (much to the librarian's chagrin) as he ignores her and speaks directly to the camera]

BOBBY: It's an entire world your kid can take home, and how much does it cost? Absolutely zip! That's the beauty of it ...

[he turns to the librarian (waving the cigarette in his hand around as he speaks)]

BOBBY: Everything in order?

LIBRARIAN: Would you please put out that cigarette?

[she takes the books, as Bobby (momentarily thrown off his game) manages a smile before turning and speaking directly to the camera]

BOBBY: So take it from me, Bobby Bittman, if you want your kids growing up with something on the ball, get 'em reading!

[he winks, as "Get them reading, get them to a library" appears on screen]

BOBBY: Get 'em to a liberry!

[he gives a big smile, as the librarian shakes her head]

NARRATOR: The preceding was a public service message from the Public Library Association.

[he quickly drops the smile, and whispers to someone off camera]

BOBBY: I'm not doin' ... naw, that's it.

From :

"SCTV Network"

Season 2, Episode 6

Jane Eyrehead with Robin Williams and America (26 November 1982)

Robin Williams guest-stars as a flamboyantly gay Slip Mahoney in "The Bowery Boys in the Band.," which also manages to wedge in a brief spoof of The Deer Hunter." Elsewhere on the schedule, BBC Classics' "Jane Eyerhead" finds the airheaded Jane (Andrea Martin) accepting a job from Mr. Rochester (Joe Flaherty) -- who sounds more like Jack Benny's Rochester! Also: Curly Howard (John Candy) sings the Great Movie Love Themes; disco star Danny Terrio (Martin Short) blows up real good for Billy Sol (Candy) and Jim Bob (Flaherty); Count Floyd (Flaherty) introduces "Smell-O-Rama" for his latest Monster Horror Chiller Theater attraction "Dr. Tongue's 3-D House of Slavechicks"; and in a running gag featuring musical guest stars America (performing "Right Before Your Eyes"), SCTV security guard Gus Gustofferson (Eugene Levy) falls in love with station manager Edith Prickley (Martin).

From :

Episode 109

Series 5 Cycle 4

4 Jane Eyrehead with Robin Williams and America

Airdate: 26 November 1982

Emmy nominated: outstanding writing in a variety or music program

Features a minor wraparound plot about Gus Gustofferson's crush on Edith Prickley. Notable sketches include The Bowery Boys in the Band, Jane Eyrehead and the timeless 3D House of Slavechicks. John Candy debuts a new character, playboy and serious actor Steve Roman, who would appear in most of the remaining shows of the season. (Dave Thomas has an additional material writing credit on this show.)

Additional Viewing: The Bowery Boys were originally an ensemble featured in a series of movies in the 40's and 50's, featuring Leo Gorcey and Huntz Hall. Bowery Boys In the Band is also a parody of the 1970 William Friedkin movie The Boys in the Band and the 1978 Michael Cimino film The Deer Hunter. Jayne Eyrehead, a fine parody of just about any BBC classic ever aired on Masterpiece Theatre, also somehow wanders onto the set of The Jack Benny Show.

Syndication Note: The Gus Gustofferson wrap was cut from syndication.

DVD Note: Curly no longer sings the theme from The Graduate.


1 Promo: Angel Cortez F.B.I. Jockey 113

The drama of criminal investigation combined with the excitement of the sport of kings. Steve plays a Mexican jockey, Angel, who investigates crimes at racetracks all across the country. He's mastered the Mexican accent.

Steve Roman as Angel Cortez - Candy; jockeys, thugs - extras; announcer - staff announcer

2 PSA: Public Library Association with Bobby Bittman 135

Bobby urges us to get our kids out to the library.

Bobby Bittman - Levy; Kids - extras; librarian - extra; announcer - staff announcer

BUMPER Promo: Farm Film Celebrity Blowup announcer - staff announcer

From :

Bobby Bittman

Played by: Eugene Levy

Everyone's favorite, ultra-sincere comic and Sammy Maudlin Show mainstay, Bobby could always be relied upon to set "all kidding aside" in order to sum up the situation at hand with poignant insight. His heavy acting with Lola Heatherton in On the Waterfront Again is not to be missed.
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