Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Short Story

Hi everyone!

So I had an idea for a story. It's a very very thinly veiled story. I figured, why not write it down on here, maybe someone will eventually get what i'm saying.

Let us begin...

A long time ago a woman was born, she was unbelievably creative. She would draw beautiful drawings and make gorgeous words. She was loved by everybody. Her drawings and Stories were things of legends. Girls flocked to her by the dozens, wanting to be princesses.

She spent all her time writing stories of those princesses and princes, beasts and beauties, and the occasional Wooden boy too. everyone loved her stories, and she loved everyone. She was known throughout the world as the best storyteller around.

She even went as far as creating a whole world where children could explore and play with the characters they so loved. it was the happiest place on earth.

As the years went by she got tired, she had a boy. A brilliant, creative little boy, so much potential and full of ideas. He wanted to create things as well, just like his mother. He looked to the future and how he could make his mother's work so much better. He made stories about his toys, about the cute little bugs around him, about the fish in his fishbowl, and the monster in the closet.

But, soon after he was born, his mother married a man. An evil, corrupt man. Only interested in money, he took his new wife's drawings and her stories and made them into cheap toys and costumes, Forcing her to draw what he wanted to draw. She soon couldn't take it anymore and killed herself. The world hardly noticed as her husband kept going, saying he was the one making all of these wonders all along.

He cast aside brilliant ideas from his ex wive's friends because they didn't meet his Ideals. Forcing them under another name and denying his involvement. Until they became popular, whereas he took total credit, throwing his partners to the ground and standing on top of them to stay in the spotlight.

Seeing how his mother was manipulated by this man, the son decided to try to run away. He temporarily got away but a year later the step dad found him and forced him back into the house. He brutally beat him, forcing him to write more and more things, just to make more toys and mass produced trinkets. The man controlled his step son. Squashing almost all the creativity out of him.

The man pumped out story after story, each as inane and pathetic as the one before it. Corrupting young boys and girls into stereotypes and dumbing them down, just so they will buy more of his creations. He created TV channels and loaded them with advertising, destroying the fabled legacy that once brought so much joy to the world.

During all this, the Cruel step father adopted a young Japanese boy. This boy was also super creative and was quite popular back in Japan. Japan loved him and all that he made, but the step father was only interested in money. He took the new Son's creations and repainted them, editing out parts of the story and recoating it with new, unneeded paint. Then sold it to the masses as amazing Japanese art.

The Man didn't stop there. He began to buy other things. His favorite comics. His favorite sci-fi movies. His favorite action adventure series. He bought up so many things, cranking out story after story. Toys and toys flooded the market, his name slapped above everything. his son began to fade into the background as the man wrote his own stories. Corrupting his son's creations. Letting his son get blamed when the creations failed.

Recently I hear the the young Japanese boy has made a few friends who are willing to spread his stories, but his father still meddles and edits his work as he's busy whipping his stepson into submission.

It's my hope that the stepson overthrows his tyrant father. If only he would throw away the corruption and show that creativity his mother inspired the world with, the world would be a better place.

One day he shall...

So that's a random short story I thought of, its loosely based on real events. or at least my interpretations of real events. let me know what you think.
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