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7 months ago I began a journey. I never planned this one. It just snuck up on me.Our church, 2 times a year offers small groups.This particular season they offered a group called, Run For God. A chance to continue my bible study and grow close to God while incorporating a couch to 5k. Another chance to meet more people and bond at church!

I had tried running years ago and ended up with a broken ankle and torn ligaments in my left foot. A small rock had dumped me and rolled my ankle. The doctors had said I would never run again. Struggling to exercise sent me in many directions with weight gain and weight loss.My best days began with yoga at Core Balance Yoga in Lee's Summit.A year and a half of yoga had changed my body, my desire for more.

When RFG began, I had little expectation of really running far. I knew it was couch to 5k. I knew the program.I just wanted to grow close to God. I wanted to accomplish something that was for him.I had no hobbies. I had no true outside, physical interest in anything but my child. I needed something

The last 7 months have been one of the biggest and most surprising journeys' I have embarked on.

There has been weather . Over 2 feet of snow. Heat99 degrees and heat index's of 100+, for days at a timeRainand pneumoniaum10 days of that, and the good old fashion flu for a week.I have had blisters, pulled hamstrings, and knee issue. I have under eaten, over eaten, ingested too much energy gels which caused me to have a high so wild, I couldn't walk.

I have encountered critters . Lots and lots of critters! Skunk, turkey, deer, hedge-hog, swarms of knats and flies, and have been chased by a dogand nearly clipped by 2 cars!!

The past several months of my life have brought monster changes and experiences' so grand, I could have never of imagined the mental struggle and character struggle I was going to unroll.

I have had to take on 3 more jobs to make ends meet. Get my busy teenager to her school things, work things and extra's.Fitting my running schedule in, which is like another job, especially when you are running 20-30 miles a week has been an odyssey!I have learned to balance and have time management to a teachable skill level. I have learned to say no. I have also learned what true discipline feels like. I have to admit, sometimes, I just don't have follow through on things. Part of my list of weaknesses I don't like to admit out loud.

I have been to weddings, funerals and witnessed births and divorces. I have had to manage health issues with my parents and the big health issue, ongoing with my child.My relationship with God has grown to new levels of which I can't put into words.

Running has been more therapeutic and spiritual than I dreamed.I went from dragging my buns' out of bed at 7 am the first few months to the last 4 months of getting up at 4:30 am to fit my running in for the day. I NEVER thought I would have been that person. EVER! I have fallen in love with the discipline I am going through. My love for Christ is at an all new level. You have got to understand, I am kind of a weenie when it comes to discipline. I have really surprised myself.My desire for more, for quality, and for more deeply seeded peace keeps me driven. I feel so at peace during a run. It's just me and it's my time to either figure it out, let it go and lean into God and seek Jesus. Some runs, I still don't have the answer, but I have clarity. NO one can rob me of that. It's self-earned and self appreciated.

The gorgeous sunrises I have been able to witness have never captured on film the way my eyes have etched into my memory. The clarity of the dark sky and crisp speckles of starssome full moons, new moons and crescent moons were phenomenal.The phrase: it's darkest before dawn, took on an actual meaning. Pretty awesome!

My first 5k HOSPITAL HILLmy first emotional experience of reaping the reward of faithful traininGI started and I finished.


The RACE that sparked my goal of 13.1 AND the dream and determination to get there. Lots of falling along the way and lots of success as well!

I will show up and give all praises to my amazing Savior and Abba Father, for forging on a journey, that is still not over.

Thank you Rena and Jim Ruckdeschell for having the courage, strength and faithfulness to listen to God, and forming our Run For God Group at Eagle Creek Church.Thank you Matt and Sheri Harris, Pastors at ECC, for blessing our small group that started in March of this year.

Thank you to my HUGE support group and high school friendsRuskin Runners + Janeif it wasn't for your daily postings, experiences, pains, injuries and thorough knowledge of running, I don't know if I could have pushed through. I have developed a bit of competition, which I have never had. I LIKE IT!

Thank you to my daughter, Bridgett for giving me a WHY. It's because of YOUR determination to be the best and to forge through ideas and TRYING, that has given me the strength to push through. You are my amazing supporteven though you don't know it!

To my mom and dadyou had no idea I could do it! This is for youfor my dad, who has kicked prostate cancers arse! For my mom whom I always want to surprise the crap out ofafter all, you are used to it after 42 years! Ha ha!

And this is for anyone who thinks they cant accomplish anything goodit all starts with a few seconds of some brief shuffling!

My first Half Marathon.. Waddell & Reed Kansas City Marathon and Half Marathon.

October 19, 2013

42 years, 7 months and 4 days. Let's ROLL!
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