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American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 3 Recap: The Dead Supremes

Tonight's episode of American Horror Story Coven showed us just how far these witches are willing to go to get exactly what they want.It involves unintentionally forcing someone to relive an abusive childhood, killing a girl to stay on top and doing things sexually to a beast. This episode of Coven also defined each characters' level of insanity.American Horror Story is always twisted, but tonight's episode proved Coven might be the twisted season of them all.

Our mouths are still on the ground after this episode of American Horror Story Coven.So read more about all the crazy twists below!


This post contains American Horror Story Coven season 3 episode 3spoilers. Please stop here if you do not want to know what happened!AWFUL TRUTH

Fiona learns that experimental treatments won't save her from cancer. Meanwhile, Cordelia learns her original spell didn't work. Therefore, she cannot have a baby. So she goes to see Marie to ask her to do a fertility spell. Marie refuses to aid Cordelia because of Fiona's action.


A guilt ridden Zoe goes to see Kyle's mother, Alisha. Alisha is in a bad state. She even was prepared to kill herself before Zoe called.Zoe wants to use Kyle to heal Alisha, and maybe restore him. However, Misty won't let him go without making a scene.Later Zoe leaves Kyle with his mom. It's revealed there that she molests him, and she has for quite awhile.

Alisha calls Zoe to speak to her about Kyle's return. Later before Zoe arrives, his mom tries to have sex with him again. In a rage, he kills her.When Zoe does arrive, she finds Alisha's head bashed in and Kyle covered in blood.


Fiona forces Madame LaLaurie become Queenie's personal slave to teach her against racism.While doing that, they start seeing the slave thatLaLaurie made a half man-half beast.

Queenie goes out to talk to the beast. She starts masturbating, and the half-beast and half-man attacks her.


Some new neighbors move next door to the school. The neighbors include a bible obsessed mother and a hot son. The hot son, Luke, draws attention from Queenie, Madison and Nan. Madison and Nan, of course, decide to go next door and check him out further. This results in a showdown between Madison and the mother. Madison uses her power to light some curtains on fire. A power she once didn't have, which means she's probably next in line to be the Supreme. When the mother comes visitFiona to complain about the girls, she tells her about what Madison did.

Then Fiona takes Madison on a solo outing to test her powers. While at a bar, Fiona poisons Madison. When they get back home, Fiona tells Madison that she's the new Supreme. Madison is the reason Fiona is dying of cancer. She then asks Madison to kill her, butkills Madison instead.

It's not clear if Fiona really has cancer, or if that was a lie. Guess we'll find out later down the line. Additionally, we're wondering if the introduction of Luke and his mother was important. With Madison now dead, it seems kind of pointless. Unless the show is planning to make him a love interest for Nan, and something happens to cause a showdown between the mother and Fiona.

Overall good episode, but man was it twisted!

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