Sunday, October 27, 2013

Attack on Titan

TYPE: I Kill Giants, the Anime

SYNOPSIS: Humanity is on the brink of EXTINCTION. Hundreds of years ago, giant humanoid creatures called TITANS appeared out of no where and nearly eviscerated the human species. Humanity managed to enjoy 100 years of peace by building a multi-walled city for protection.Everything ended, however, when a gigantic Titan and armored Titan breached the walls, forcing humanity to once again fight for their survival against the Titan menace. Three youths that witnessed the attack, EREN YEAGER, MIKASA ACKERMAN, and ARMIN ARLERT, are the focus of the series.

PROS: In a lot of way, Attack of Titan shouldn't have been as popular as it became in 2013. On the surface, its just an action drama about fighting giant monsters. But the thing is, its a REALLY WELL MADE action drama about fighting giant monsters. The show really sells the TITANS as incredibly dangerous, making you appreciate the fact that fighting giant things is not as easy as it appears when all you have are cannons and glorified grappling guns. It kinda reminded me of a Mecha anime without Mecha. The mental affect of being in CONSTANT FEAR is one of the strongest elements used in the show. The show also does AMAZING HIGH-FLYING ACTION scenes that would put Spider-Man to shame. While not the most unique anime, it is nevertheless of VERY HIGH QUALITY. I cannot wait for the second season.

CONS: O.k., this is going to sound nitpicky, but the THICK OUTLINES used for each character really bugged me. I mean, you get used to them, but the fact that I noticed them right away was bothersome. I also found EREN YEAGER a mixed bag. His "last angry man" shitck made sense in context, except that flashbacks to his childhood establish that he's always been angry. I just felt that this made him too one-dimensional. (P.S. This isn't a negative, but who else thinks that the Titans are probably artificial creations?)

WATCH IT: It's 2013 s Anime Darling

MVP: Mikasa Ackerman

She is all kinds of Bad-Ass

BEST EPISODE: Ep 5-13 "Battle for Trost District" (humanity's first victory)
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