Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Hey people today I decided to talk about the anime . Bleach is an action packed anime by . It starts with a high school student named Ichigo Kurosaki. Since he was young Ichigo has been able to see spirits thought to be caused by the death of his beloved mother.

Ten years after her death Ichigo starts noticing spirits go missing. All of a sudden he meets a strange character named Rukia she is what they call a . Her job is to make sure souls get to soul society. There is just one problem, hollows.

The main enemy to the soul reapers hollows are souls that have turned to darkness and eat lost souls to gain power. This is how the show is introduced. A hollow is after souls and attacks Ichigo's family. Rukia is no match for the monster so in order to save his family he takes Rukia's Zanpaktou and drives it into his flesh.

Suddenly he transformed into a substitute soul reaper. To Rukia's surprise he has an overwhelming spirit pressure (strength) and effortlessly defeats the hollow. This single action sparks a long adventure for Ichigo. As he trains and travels to different worlds to protect those close to him you learn Ichigo is not normal.

Overall as a series I honestly enjoy it. I'm around a 130 episodes in and my only complaint is that at some points it takes to long. They stretch it a little to much. We don't need the same backstory every episode.
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