Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Blog Post 3

Game 1 - dis4ia

I think this was a pretty amazing game. The mechanics were simple, just use the directional keys and find your way through the story of a transgender person's experience with hormone therapy and how they felt about their own body. The art was simple, the mechanics were simple, but the constant change in each "challenge" per story page (or room) was enough to keep my attention.

Game 2 - Canabalt

This was another simple game, great for people who need to kill a few minutes.The game is all shades of gray. You are a person, running across the tops of tall buildings. You have to learn to control your speed in order to control your jumps. When you run into things, you slow down. It seems like the next building is randomly generated so you've only got a split second to adjust your speed (if you can at all) in order to make the next jump. It is a bit of a game of chance in that respect. If you try to control your speed so you're not going too fast for the low jumps (where you have a very small window to make it on to the next building) you will not make the longer jumps. The background is entertaining. There is some giant monster/machine shadow destroying the city. Not sure if that has anything to do with why your person is running. I never got through the small openings.

Game 3 - You have to burn the rope

This was probably the cutest game out of all the ones I played. The instructions were very clear and the controls were pretty simple. Any non-directional key throws things! It appeals to the easily amused side of me. The ending song was fun to listen to and the game itself was short and sweet. I get the feeling the game was made either for a class or as a simple experiment. The song makes me think it was for a class because they say they didn't feel like making another level and you beat the damn game.

Game 4 - This is the only level

More cute games! This one only had one level design, but 30 stages with slight changes to the controls, physics or rules of the level. I stopped after level 8 because...well the candy stripes started pissing me off. I wanted to get through quickly.I did enjoy the game though. I think the changes were genius. It's definitely giving me ideas for the mechanics of my own game, though all I know right now is that I'd like to make a platformer. Probably why I'm enjoying all of the platformers here so much.

Game 5 - Don't shit your pants

Another fun and simple game. You have to give step by step instructions on how to not shit your pants. If you type an unknown command, the fat man who really needs to shit tells you he doesn't know how to do what you've typed. Don't tell him to fart. Don't forget to take off his pants. It turns out, if you shit on the floor, you still win. You just have to not shit your pants. The game has simple computer art and an achievement list that makes it a fun game to replay (you know...for the achievement whores because...well you gotta know how to get them all!)
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