Sunday, October 27, 2013

Body Nutrition

Re-Built Mass is a monster mass gainer that is used to help up your strength, increase stamina, and muscle size. The formula in Re-Build Mass contains 850 mass building calories of good protein and ingredients to give you lean mass, and a hard physique. This product is a big anabolic stack that is loaded with 60 grams of fast, medium, and slow-acting protein for very important nutrient timing of amino acids that fuel your muscles. Also contains 130 grams of energy boosting carbohydrates. To feed your hunger to get size, it has an intense 10 gram Advanced Creatine Complex with 5 forms of creatine, including micronized creatine and creatine precursors for the forceful, mind-blowing workouts you live for. I use Re-Build after my workouts. Also I have been using this product for a year now. So from a user's point of view I highly recommend using Re-Build mass because i've seen substantial improvements myself using this product. But keep in mind there is no magic supplement that will just "give you gains". There is so much more into the process of getting where you want to be. But I can assure this product is a stepping stone to achieving your goal!
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