Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dark Matter Arkfalls

The game Defiance by Trion Worlds is going strong and the latest update is bringing in some heavy challenges for the tough Ark Hunters. For those not familiar with the game yet, Defiance is both an MMO game and a TV series currently awaiting Season 2 release on SyFy. In the game you have a free open world with quests, story and free objectives like in GTA IV. These free objectives are small encounters such as road blocks, village and work plant raids and of course the big "cheese" - Arkfalls!The Arkfalls so far have been pretty straight forward - Tune in to the local "gossip" (open Map menu) and wait for an event, then set your GPS and head on over there - If you are lucky to get there in time you get to fight "monsters" falling out of the sky and by doing this you earn money, fame and glory. These encounters were not very difficult, but now


Weapons hot, ark hunters - our series of feature spotlight posts continues with a look at Dark Matter Arkfalls, four hell-raising dynamic events that went live alongside Castithan Charge Pack DLC.


Dark Matter Arkfalls last a maximum of 20 minutes (Minor events) or 60 minutes (Major events). Be sure to find them using the red arkfall icon on your minimap before time runs out.

Objectives are unique to each arkfall.

* Minor "Extractor" and "Mayhem" events are slug-fests against Dark Matter waves.

* The Minor "Obliteration" event is a race to destroy an arkfall core.

* The Major "Extraction Force" event is a multi-phase battle against Minor arkfalls, Dark Matter troops, and The Monolith.

The Monolith cannot be defeated until you destroy its unique attack points.

Each Dark Matter Arkfall has two nodes you can use to boost your EGO.


* Scaling waves of Dark Matter infantry including Enforcers, Snipers, Monitors, and Bulwarks.

* The Monolith - a massive, armored assault mech developed by the Votanis Collective.
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