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katrickphotography I love being out on the trails. It's relaxing.Clyde and I hit the trails again this weekend. It was quite lovely. Adventures with Clyde

momentswithmillie There is a story about a woman who walks many miles with her overweight son to see Mahatma Gandhi. When she gets there she begs, "Please tell my son to ... Moments with Millie

jojoakesson I have not been very good at finishing my drawings lately, but very good at starting new ones :D However, I m very certain this will be finished soon. Although ... All over Art

James And Wednesday was the fine town of Rijeka, long a free port with allegiance to the Austro-Hungarian Empire: see the photo of the medal below, showing the ... McKay Poetry News

Mika Stefano I caught up with fellow blogger, Jo Crawshaw before she left South Africa to take part in a new survival game. Jo is representing South Africa in the SOS Island ... Mika Stefano's Blog

imaginedliving It was one year ago today that we moved into this hut in the woods. One 365 day cycle within the circle. If the calender didn't tell us this, the weeds would. Circle In

dubaipost Zulfiqar Shah A dozen Pakistani IT companies are participating in the GITEX scheduled from 20 - 24 October, 2013 at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), Dubai. Dubai Post

How to Survive a Family of Five How to Survive a Family of Five. the truth isyou won't! the first rule isthe cold hard factsthat's ancient historythis is on the testthe grind. How to Survive a Family of Five

Wendy Ward After much talking about it, my Pull-on Loose Fitting Shift Dress sewing pattern is now available to buy from MIY Workshop and online from my Etsy shop. It was a ... Wendy Ward

sellaoneko Tweets. Can money and power beat justice?Diplomats think #Kenyatta's #ICC trial might be suspended via @Telegraph #kenya 1 hour ago ... sellaoneko

Ernie Peters She felt his heartbeat quicken within their passionate embrace and knew her fierce love for this man was as all-consuming as it was forbidden. He held her close ... Have Blog, Will Scribble

shs411 There are a number of people and sites like Edward Casey of Houston, Texas and providing consultancy and advisory services on property ... Simple Home Solutions

helendryden Here's some paintings I have just finished this afternoon. They're painted on recycled bits of circular wood and I've used acrylic paint, watercolour, marker pen, ... helendryden

Kevin "The last couple weeks of training could not have gone any better..." A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Marathon...

Lily and Frog Beginning with something as simple as an e-mail for a Lightning McQueen tank top, quickly snowballed into an adventurous, speeding, raceI designed and ... Lily & Frog

johnhadden Morning Observation: This morning in Huntington at 7:55AM it's currently 52 degrees under overcast skies. Winds are calm. Relative humidity is 94%, dewpoint ... East Street Weather Blog

jdyche I had a short lecture on lighting, the lecture was more of a self taught task, something to top us up on what we learn't in 152MC last year i think. We had a small ... JSDPhoto

Naphtali Why do we find it so hard to go to God first? Why do we ask others what to do when the world is collapsing around us? Why seek guidance or direction from ... Did Jesus have a Facebook Page?

daniellerene British accents fill the air, adobe buildings and blond hair surround you. The streets are narrow and the buildings fading versions of brilliant colors. Be the ... daniellerene

hannahreadfilms So, on Saturday I just started doing the 365Project ( where the idea is to take a photo every day of your life for a year. I think it'll be great to look at ... hannahreadfilms

Benztown Branding Guys, I am happy David sent some new pieces, he built for 2day in Sydney. Check his amazing song intros! David used Antares and one of my favourite ... Benztown Branding - Radio Imaging

The Arbourist "Yet in the peace-giving west, the award remains significantly venerated - a testament, surely, to being a dynamite idea in principle (if you'll forgive the cliched ... Dead Wild Roses

robotnyck Syria - Dutch Foreign Fighters - Some Testimonials from the Syrian Front By Pieter Van Ostaeyen ... YALLA SOURIYA

DanTonyBrown As anyone who has spoken to me about digital music services will know I'm a huge advocate of Spotify, especially its premium service. I don't think its ... Danny - Computer Scientist

starrball Be prepared to suffer for Me, in My Name. All suffering has meaning in My kingdom. Pain and problems are opportunities to demonstrate your trust in Me. The Life of a Photographer

amyelizabeth529 Someone told me about this song the other day and it soon became my new favorite song. Check it out here! Love Always, Amy Elizabeth. Breathtakingly Beautiful

amie If you are going to use a foreign language for your business / blog name, can I implore you to please get the basics correct. I hate to be one to rant and rave BUT ... Macaron Mania

nicolina2 In this video Swami Dayananda talks about Self-Inquiry in a very deductive way - very cerebral attempt, but if ... spiritualworldblog

that Jeff Johnson It's been said that all bonds are built on trust. This statement is never truer than in a marriage. In a healthy relationship trust grows, develops, and deepens over ... think relationally...

Pam I've been a little busy this weekend and thought I'd try something new. Over the years I've made jelly and jam for canning but standing over a pot worrying about ... It's Still Me...

anastasiamw My stash has grown just a teensy bit in the past two weeks week. I know, I should focus on what I have and not be buying more. There was a split second when I ... For the Knit of It

Fairy This morning as we were standing on the platform at the railway station, The Duke realised that not only had he forgotten to put a handkerchief in his pocket but ... organised castle

afinetheorem The 2013 Economics Nobel was awarded this morning to Fama, Shiller and Hansen, the first two major figures in finance and the third a somewhat odd choice ... A Fine Theorem

pointcontrol Read this Article Print finishing, Perfect Binding and PUR binding

A.M.B. Having discussed author autographs in my last post, I was surprised to find that the library book my daughter brought home contained one: This elegant scribble ... The Misfortune Of Knowing

Swarna Labs Teenage is the most clamorous part of your child's life. When we were a teen, we didn't know what career path we would follow. We dream or aspire to become a ... Swarnarao81's Blog

Clyde of Mankato I am alone at Panera. It is 6:11. It is the morning. Again I am alone in the early day, as I am often, when sleep deserts me too early.The servers think me odd. The View from Birchwood Hill

Truther News David Chase Taylor October 14, 2013 SWITZERLAND, Z rich -- Based on breaking news and events, it appears that the United Nations chemical ...

atastelife Spinach and artichoke dip is a go-to favorite as an appetizer for parties. But most recipes call for lots of mayo and sour cream in this rich dip. This recipe was first ... A Tasty Life

Mersay When Foreverball told me that the video contest entries were due today, i whipped up a quick video last night :) It's really bad. I don't have screen-o-matic, so I ... Fantage007

mdovey I really love Walter Dean Myers' books about urban teens, and so do most 7th and 8th graders. Slam!, and Monster are the all-time fans. I'm not sure The Outside ... Dances with Words

corevisiontechnology The name Sputnik stands tall in history books as the vessel that helped spark a space race with the U.S. But a new Russian project with the same name is ... Core Vision Technology

mrwardteaches Submitted without comment, a snapshot of today's guided notes in Foundations of Computer Science. Prime Factors

Kara October's Design Bootcamp at Operation Write Home is all about Balance in Design. My card design is Asymetrical. It also has repetition, variation, strong focal ... Madame Wong

malcomsweeet We embarked on a journey / He was the pilot / I was the co-pilot / He charted the course / I followed his lead / There was need for a chef / I became the chef Olanrewaju Write Poetry

gonzohistory Now, this film is dire on several levels. Let's talk about Level 1 first. Level 1 is that it is just bad. Some of it is sort of competent, I guess, in a kind of goofy hybrid of ... The Gonzo History Project

Jon There is an open evening from 5pm at Kings Priory school so parking may be difficult or impossible in the yard. Please allow extra time for your journey. Tynemouth Choral Society

Ryan Kalamaya Interesting article in the Huffington Post about how Colorado ski towns are handling the legalization of recreational marijuana. There will be retail pot shops in ... Kalamaya Law

itsellectric I'm stuck inside this rut that I fell into by mistake.I have so much schoolwork to do, and I can only pray that I finish on time. Considering the pace I'm going, that ... Hasantisana Squashed Banana


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