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Brent Weber Youxin Robin Wang shot an opening round of 5-under par 67, including 32 on the front nine, to pace the boy's field after the opening day of the Junior All-Star ... The Sports Guy: Scorecard Scribblings From An Ordinary Journalist: The Sports Guy

Xinok I was searching for websites with job postings, like Monster or CareerBuilder, I came across one called Dice which I decided to give a try. When I signed up, ... Xinok

Debbie The wedding was a dream come true after years of school. Waiting, waiting, waiting and now all the stars are in alignment in the brilliant sky. The future never ... Shadows of Love

tinawheeze I first sewed in Year 7 when everyone had to do it for a term in high school. I think I may have done another semester of it in Year 8 (the exact subject memories ... I'm not Tina Wheeze

travelntourworld ACCOR The website, which is available in six languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese), has been designed to optimize the ... Travel And Tour World

aperson14 So it has been almost 12 days since the shutdown started. GOP numbers are in the toilet. Koch bros have been on the run, reports have been siting them as ... Kansas Liberal

dailythirteen 11/10/2013 - Bey Ariffin. BA20131011-1BA20131011-2BA20131011-3BA20131011-4BA20131011-5BA20131011-6BA20131011-7. Daily Thirteen

Lucien The images were all more than a little blurred in her mind. She remembered being thrown to the ground. A knife cut off her clothes. Her wrists and ankles were ... Lucien Maverick's Blog

Max The spagghet sauce and I --- Have split a bottle of wine. The spagghet sauce says I totally got more than half that bottle and wants me to open another bottle just ... celluloid blonde

danardoyle "How beautiful is the night! A dewy freshness fills the silent air; No mist obscures, nor cloud, nor soeck, nor stain, Breaks the serene of heaven; In full-orbed glory ... Catholic Working Mom

gudrunromosu Republican senators, from left, Ted Cruz of Texas, John McCain of Arizona, David Vitter of Louisiana, and Richard Shelby of Alabama, walk in the rain back to ... cugyvegake

The Vinyl Villager I've neglected my posting of late. The truth is, I am absolutely swamped with work. I started a new job over the summer...going full time with a company I had ... Tales From The Vinyl Village

xtgplayer Friday afternoon saw the dawning of a new era at the Essendon Baseball Club as five-year-old Cooper Ward made his first of what is predicted to be many starts ... A Perfect Game

Cait's True Life Where Have I Been? Well not reading unfortunately but im back and starting at 10pm I will be participating in the read a thon until hopefully 8 am when it finishes ... Cait's True Life

xtendstudy Hello there! This is my first post out of Office 2013 RR#show ip bgp | begin Network Network Next Hop Metric LocPrf Weight Path r>i10.0.1.1/32 0 100 0 ... Networkers Blog

Bodwyn Wook On The Murder Of Another World by B Wook You know, the children simply must devour the parents, that is perhaps yet another dark implacable lesson of ... Bodwyn Wook

hcf It is almost Erev Shabbat in Israel (Sabbath Eve, when the Jewish Sabbath begins at sundown and continues until the next day, Saturday, at sundown), and ... HCF Blog

codesymphonia13 Kuroko. Impression: It is always nice to learn more about the /generation of Miracles. Do you know what is very realistic about this series? Anyone that watched ... Mahou Tofu

Lidia A Petition To Stop Shooting Cats / Een Petitie Tegen Het Afschieten Van Katten. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Enter your comment here... Fill in your details ... Catsiti tured kadagiti banag a ... The Blog of Aurelio Agcaoili

klatkins21 I like to make art projects sometimes. I study museums studies. Art Projects by Some Person in Canada

aneris91 YAY!!! Finally another healthy post! xD It's been a while since I've had any good from scratch recipes that are...*a-hem* (large finger quotes) "good-for-you" (end ... Life of a Night Owl

AM Since I started running last July, I've found myself eating healthier--this was partly the result of some conscious lifestyle changes (kicking soda and limiting my ... The Saucy Scholar

Sizi So much for a new playhouse for me and Cow. When my folks came home from SCAR two days ago they had a little surprise for me - a foster-sister. You all may ... Sizi Says....

kelleighurena 16 hours ago Can a company offer an email service that guarantees complete privacy and security, even from the prying eyes of the U.S. government? dolibarolum

Mary C Piles of chairs, piles of bicycles and piles of plastic bags. That is the best way to summarize three of the Nuit Blanche installations that remained on display for a ... as I walk Toronto

Ryan J. Knight "A fool and his money are soon parted." Thomas Tusser Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry I can't begin to tell you how many times I've heard that ... Barefoot Christian Faith

deane28 Esquire's November issue is setting up to be a doozy. Not only will it feature a spread from their re-crowned Sexiest Woman Alive - Scarlett Johansson, but with ... Cinemania

kimoreena I didn't expect to be blogging about My Quicksand before I commented on The Diving Board overall, but let me just say...I feel like I must! I have come to realize ... The Captain and the Kim

NgQu c Anh Suppose $latex (M,g)$ is a compact Riemannian manifold without boundary of dimension $latex n geqslant 3$. We further assume that $latex M$ admits no ... Qu c Anh Ng

cool2bchrisp Welp, if you don't know by now. I am a dreamer. My dreams are sometimes so action packed that after I wake up, I feel as though I have been up all night long. COOL2BCHRISP!

holliestubenrauchvx6 This week, the Academy revealed that a record 76 countries have submitted films for consideration for the best foreign language film Oscar. Nobody has ... devepunol

jac49 It's been a long time. I guess when your head is lost it's difficult just to get through the day, let alone record a CD. It seems every time I relocate there's this ... Jac49's Blog

T & C Managed to get them all in one spot at the same time...and no one's crying! Hinko Happenings

Melanie Thompson So, somehow - I have no idea how - I got on someone's list, and I was offered comps to the opening night of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra's 95th season ... Melanie Thompson

Morgan People post funny things that their children say... and I decided that I need to write down the funny things Chase says. Its hard for me to explain how Chase will ... hi.

Ryan Avery I get lost in my mindwhen the crisp wind hitsand I begin to worry.Don't you worry about me.My layers are thick and I know what is coming.I check to see if ... Points North

SIMUTEK When's the last time you backed up the data on your hard drive? You know, your photos, documents, music, all that good stuff you can't live without. It's one of ... simutek

markallan50 House Republicans Say White House Nixed Their Plan To End Shutdown As Focus Shifts To Senate. mark my words

zymbolyk Do we really need other people to feel good I find this very fascinating when some people are not able to thrive without being in the company of others. doctorjoewillie

Olivier Clements Tuesday November 26th. Show starts at 8pm. (Spoiler alert: there might be some pre-released EP's available) Dissonant Histories is an Octet of clashing, ... Olivier Clements

Hat In Ring The republicans didn't have the Tea Party to back them up in the 1990's when the government shut down's the weekend, school's out, and I don't have a lot of homework to do.

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