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This Installment Of Halloween Hotties Takes A Look At The Paranormally Beautiful And Very Talented Katie Featherston, A Girl Next Door From The Lone Star State Of Texas Who Has Been Capturing Our Hearts And Scaring Us Out Of Our Wits In The Paranormal Activity Movie Series.

click on the highlighted links to read a review of featured here recently in our Date Night column at MonsterZero NJ's Movie Madhouse! And click for a more in depth look at Katie's character in our expose' of some of Horror's recent femme fatales.


Texas Born Katie Featherston Has Long Dreamed Of Being Actress. She Studied Acting At Southern Methodist University Graduating With A Bachelor's Degree In Fine ArtsBeauty As Well As BrainsAnd Headed Out To L.A. To Seek Her Dream Like Many Other Acting Hopefuls. Answering An Ad, She Auditioned For A Role, Along With Another Aspiring Young Actor Named Micah Sloat, For First Time Filmmaker Oren Peli's Supernatural Themed Thriller, . Peli Liked The Dynamic Between Katie And Micah And The Rest Is History. The Actors Where Paid Around $500 Each For A Week's Work Where They Would Not Only Be Doing A Lot Of The Filming Themselves But, Improvising Most Of Their Dialog As Well For The Now Classic Found Footage Haunting Flick. The Film Became A Huge Hit After Gathering A Reputation Playing Film Festivals And Katie's Character Has Now Appeared In All 3 Smash Hit Sequels With Another On The HorizonThough Her Participation Is Being Kept Secret As Always, We Can Only Hope She Will Haunt Us Again In PA5. But, Fans May Not Know That Katie Was Also In 2 Other Low Budget Horror Flicks Before Hit Big. She Played A Rescued Victim Of A Serial Killer In The 2006 Low Budgeter Mutation And The Loving Girlfriend Of The Main Character In The Gory Psychic Experiment which Finally Got A Recent Release And Made Good Use Of Miss Featherston's Star Power Featuring Her Prominently On The Movie Art Despite Her Role Being A Supporting One. Katie Also Recently Had A Multi Episode Role In Oren Peli's Supernatural Found Footage TV Series The River As A Camerawoman On An Ill-fated Expedition. is Now Considered A Modern Classic And It's Sequels Are Very Popular All Around The World And Whether She's Playing An Angel Or A Devil, Her Work In The Horror Genre Makes Katie One Of Our Favorite Halloween Hotties!

As a potential victim of a serial killer rescued by a pursuing detective in Mutation...

As loving girlfriend Elsbeth in Psychic Experiment

in a quieter moment as 'Katie' before all hell breaks loose in

under the thrall of a supernatural fiend in chilling last act

looking adorable with the equally cute Sprague Grayden who plays sister Kristi in PA3

as "Rabbitt" an ill-fated documentary crew member in Oren Peli's short lived TV show The River

stalking her prey in Paranormal Activity 4

and as herself, a beautiful and talented young woman we'd like to see a lot more of!

BONUS: watch this very funny skit as Katie pokes fun at PA's effect on her auditions
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