Thursday, October 17, 2013

I crave a different kind of buzz...

Ok the past three weekends have been FAR better than any weekend I've had the past year. That includes when I went to Disneyland in May! I need to give a full breakdown of this for sure.

I went to rangely,co to see my sister, niece and nephew 3 weekends ago. My niece Vanessa who is 14yo TODAY (happy birthday!) is super athletic. Don't know where she got it but she excels at every sport. It's amazing! I finally watched her play volleyball and omg what a great experience to see it. I played volleyball the weekend before with some co workers....ill just say these 8th graders made us look SO stupid!! These girls ROCK! They went on to win the championship last weekend...but I unfortunately wasn't there. I know all these girls will do great things but Vanessa is just so freakin cool I can't help but brag all day about her. My sweet little 11yo man Clarence is playing touch football and we were able to watch him play a little bit of one of his games too that same weekend. Little dude is such a football fanatic. Is in love with the 49ers (which he got from his fav uncle Alex!) and is super diehard about his fantasy football team. So cute listening to him talk about his 'picks' and if everyone else did theirs for that week. We started calling him 'The Mayor' too, because we went to dinner at a local restaurant in rangely and he knew EVERYONE! It was so funny! The place was packed and he knew at least one person at every table. Alex joked and said "you're like the mayor, you know everyone!" So we called him mayor all weekend. Such a fun time with them. I miss them so much!!

Same weekend, we went camping with Alex's mom just outside of rangely. Was good to see her and how she's been doing since she left slc to travel around utah and Colorado! we fished, drank, hiked, camped, and roasted fish heads. Vanessa and Clarence came with is the first day for a while and fished. The 3 of us got lazy and decided to sit in the hammock with sleeping bags (because did I mention it's monsoon season and FREEZING in CO?). We laughed and joked around but all three of us ended up falling asleep in the hammock all cuddled up together. Maybe 15 min, but was so sweet and fun to hang with my two first favorite people of my life :) After Alex and I hiked, I came back to camp and skinned and gutted a fish. Yep. Me. With my hands. Wasn't much left of him because I got a little crazy making sure his innards were out. But I can def say if I ever get stranded on an island I know how to gut a fish!

Top left corner. Fish eggs!!!! Or, escargot as fancy people call it. EWWW!!!!!! Bottom right is the fish head I ended up roasting. I didn't make his tongue do that. It just happened as I was gutting him. Poor guy.

Lookin like I gotta pee in the side pic. Oh weeelllll. This was our hike :)

The next weekend!!! We went to Oktoberfest at snowbird. Again, cold. I don't do cold!!! EVVVVERRR!! It was fun tho. We took the tram up 11,000 feet to the top of snowbird mountain. We could see heber and salt lake from the tip top!! SO COOL!! I wondered the whole tram ride up tho what would happen if the tram fell. I wondered if I held my body in a strategically placed position the whole time if id be safe if we fell. Surely I wouldn't, but it made me feel a little better?? Haha!!! What a cutie pie I have. I know.

The next day I pumpkin painted with Arianna!!!! It was a super lazy day. I think all we did was paint pumpkins and sit on the couch and watch tv and play games on iPad. Not too bad if you ask me!! Here is her pumpkin experience

So perfect right??Arianna has also been skyping her bio mom the last few weekends. Been great for both of them :) Arianna likes talking to her and stays pretty engaged the whole time. She knows her as amanda, but that's it. She was so young when she left so that's what it'll have to stay for now. But I like to think she remembers amanda :)

This last weekend was filled with witches and witches and monsters and roller coasters!! Friday night I went with some work friends to witches night out at gardener village. Was so fun. However there were some total bros there - sooo out of place. I said that I think they got confused and heard it was 'bitches night out' not witches....yikezzzz awkies! Was fun seeing my friends and some old ones I lost touch with :)Came home in time to watch the dodgers in the 8th inning and lose in the 13th. This NLCS will be the death of me. They won today tho, so series is 3-2. BEST OF 7. Oh yeah I took a pic with spider man. I think he has a chubby in this pic don't you?! Also, I totally DIY'd this witch hat. So crafty. I know.

Sunday Arianna Alex And I went to lagoon FRIGHTMARES!!! With Jessi and her family. It was so fun arianna loves bryndee and Brighton. She also has a huge fascination lately with roller coasters so lagoon was a perfect day out for her. We got rained out but had a good 3 hours riding rides and going through haunt houses and haystack mazes. She's so cool and did amazing!! Mom has been moving this week so it was good to get baby girl out for some fun with her friends. Arianna is the bee in the pic above. She kept looking down because she wanted to see what animal she was. So precious!!!

On an unrelated weekend note.....Last weekend arianna broke barbies arm in half. I took it tonight from her house and told her id take Barbie to the dr.

It's like I was crafting. But a Barbie cast!!!

Then get this next pic... I facetimed Arianna after I fixed it and showed her barbies new cast. And her smile (chocolate covered) was priceless!!!

My life can't be any better. I am the happiest girl alive!!!
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