Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kibakichi 1 and 2

Hello, my liebchens! Today I feel like talking about one of my favorite werewolf movies. Let me introduce to you, a samurai-horror flick, about a werewolf named Kibakichi.

"Once long ago in Japan, humans and yokai lived in harmony, until the day humans forgot to fear the yokai. The humans slaughtered the peaceful yokai and chased them into the mountains; where they lived until they were strong once again."

A yokai are Japanese supernatural monsters (demons/spirits) such as kappa, tengu, and obake. Generally strange spirits in the folklore. Most yokai can shapeshift, so they can hide or pass as humans easily. In Kibakichi we follow a katana wielding werewolf. He has traveled far in hopes to run away from his past. However, his past follows him, in the form of his female clan member Onju. Who wishes to destroy Kibakichi like he had destroyed their village. See Kibakichi decided to trust humans after the war, believing that not all are bad and can be trusted. He shows the human, he has decided to trust, his village. Not shortly at all, the human brings a large group of humans down upon the unsuspecting village and has the werewolf village obliterated. They left Kibakichi alone, I guess to let him live with his guilt. However, Onju survived as well and hunts him down with her big ass boomerang. Yes, that's right. Boomerang kind of like Songo from Inuyasha. There are some correlations between the two. Like the human in this movie is a beautiful girl that is unusual and is adopted by the yokai, her name is Kikyo. She is kind quiet and friendly to the child demon of the village. Kibakichi carries around a sword and is werewolf. Onju hunts the demon, even though being one herself, with a boomerang that can cut through anything. Humans do not like demons so have them hunted down, or kill them their selves. Not to different, huh?

Anyway, Kiba comes to small town that is filled with yokai. These demons help the new Japanese government by killing criminals. They do this by pretending to be a gambling house. Which of course no criminal can refuse gambling. He stays in this village for a few days getting to know the family like yakuza demons. Seeing that they live a pretty normal happy life. He contemplates staying with this band of yokai, until they are betrayed as well.

Now I do not want to give the entire movie away, but I'll tell you that it isn't that bad. If you can stand cheesy acting, english dubbing, and over dramatic fight scenes. Which I can, so I think this movie is pretty cool. I like that there is a samurai werewolf. Come on who does that, ever? This concept is neat.

There is a second movie. This one is done by different directors and producers, so the feel is different. There is a little more budget and plot development. Basically, Kiba helps a blind girl. She helps him heal and treats him with kindness, but Kiba feels like he has to leave. In doing so he leaves the girl defenseless against the oncoming murdering samurai. The girl is killed and Kiba vows vengeance. But look out, Onju has teamed up with the evil samurai so as to kill Kiba. However, not only does Kiba have those two at his back he has this huge group of yokai trying to kill him head on. What is Kibakichi to do? What will happen next? DUN DUN DUUUUUNNN!!! Spoiler alert! Kibakichi wins of course. Also, do not watch the end battle, it sucks ass royally. Seriously they like bitch slap each other and do this cheesy air kick across the silhouette of the moon. It's dumb. But everything else is great. For me at least. I wish more people enjoyed crazy, cheesy horror flicks like me.

Anyway that is about all I have for you right now, I hope you enjoyed the blog. I like comments or questions. Thank you so much for reading. Toodles.

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