Friday, October 18, 2013

last garden update of the season..............

.........both because of frost and because I think I'll have a whole lot more important things to blog about soon! hahaha look for the main blog topics to change significantly starting next week.......

Anyways, we've had several hard frosts already this fall, even though just TODAY is our average last frost day! I covered things at first, but really that only bought me a few days or a week at most, of cool temperatures, so it probably didn't matter much. Just last week Carter and I spent some time in the garden to clean up and glean what we could.

somehow we found lots of tomatoes that made it through the frosts! the ones that were still good were hidden under the leaves, I guess that's one good thing about having monster jungle tomatoes!! hahaha

more tomatoes. we left lots of green ones and just took the ones that looked like they were starting to blush

I think these are mostly pineapple tomatoes Becky gave me seeds for

a watermelon! our only one this year, I think.

random peppers. cooked most of them up for a big pot of chilli we froze for post-baby. others I chopped and froze for future chillis, etc.

we also harvested the WHOLE squash and pumpkin patches! It looks like a lot, but I'm actually kinda disappointed this is all we got from what I thought was a lot of plants and big patches. some plants in the pumpkin patch didn't produce at ALL, and most squashes produced but just a couple fruits per plant. Lame.

starting on the left with small gourds

then moving along to "jack be little" pumpkins (I think), then some pie pumpkins (I also think, though honestly everything was so overgrown I have no idea what is what, even though they were labelled to start!)

small jack-o-lantern? and some sort of winter squash?

one weird looking zucchini left but it scared me, so I just composted it hahaha. then delicata, butternut, and lots of acorn squash! (the tiny ones I'm keeping for decorations)

hubbard? all of them? Or maybe I had a jarrahdale, I can't remember? I also had sweet meat, I think they look like this?

I give up on those greenish ones. anyone now? the orange are called jumbo banana, or something like that, and are supposed to be good for pies, I think! they're huge! I also have a couple more of these in garage from earlier in the year.

oh, the squash beauty! someone need to help me process all of this! squash soup this weekend, then I'll puree and freeze a bunch for future pies and other desserts, breads, etc.

Carter cleaning up. In my "condition" I didn't do as much as him--he pulled out that entire first row of tomato plants and took them down to compost pile! Still lots to pull out to clean up the garden, but I doubt we'll get it done before baby. I guess it can wait until later, maybe a nice warm Nov or Dec day....maybe when some family members are visiting.......hahahah
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