Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday 21st October 2013 (4)

Beggar Story

I was waking up to another day on the streets of Boothtown, it was extremely cold, it was really damp where I was, also it stank of urine which was not very nice. I could see that pimples began to form on my arms and the hairs stood tall, I was really cold, so I put my hands into my trouser pockets to get warmer. Then I had a walk around to do something and stay warm, the next thing I did was sit next to a bank, there was leaves and mud near the bank doors, the smell was awful, I then got out a plastic cup from my other trouser pocket and put it in front of me, I waited to see if anyone would drop coins into the cup, suddenly a couple of teenagers dropped a couple of 20p and 10p coins into the cup, I thought it was good because I could be a Galaxy chocolate bar or a packet of Walkers cheese and onion crisps. I chose not to and put the money into my trouser pocket and carried on begging.

After begging, I got up and walked along the pavement to go to the NISA shop, as I walked forwards, there was a couple in front of me eating a bacon sandwich and drinking cans of rehab flavoured Monster, I was so hungry and thirsty and really wanted something to eat. When I got to NISA, I leant on the wall and had a sleep for a few minutes, but a short time later, I was tapped on the shoulder, when I opened my eyes, it was a worker from the NISA shop, it was a female and looked fairly slim, she told me to leave and move away from the shop, so unfortunately I had to move away, but before I did, she gave me a NISA bag and then shoved me away. As I walked away, I went into a nearby alley, shivering and my stomach rumbling, I sat down onto the damp ground, I then looked inside the bag to see what was there, there was a bottle of Lucozade original, a large sized bag of tangy cheese flavoured Doritos, a small loaf of oatmeal bread and a chocolate bag of Minstrels. Then I had a short sleep.

When I woke up, I got up and walked out of the alley, then I scratched my leg and carried on, then I saw three teenagers playing with a firelighter, I immediately became scared and ran back to the alley I slept in. I was afraid that one of them would set me on fire, as I gained fear, the teenagers walked past me, hoping I don't catch their attention, fortunately they walked past me, I could see that they were wearing hoodies and tracksuit bottoms. It's certainly than what I was wearing, I then walked back out of the alley and onto the pavement, I stood a wet part of the pavement and fell, I had landed on my back and was painful when I got back up, I saw the teenagers again, but I saw them getting into a van, it looked like it was going to fall apart at some point, it then moved away rather quickly, so I decided to watch it drive away.

Then I walked to the newspaper shop near the NISA shop, I sat on the concrete steps, watching people walking from left to right, right to left. Suddenly I saw a white van parked outside just close to me, the doors of the van slowly opened, they creaked similar to what an old door would, and the three teenagers I saw earlier with a firelighter stepped out of the van. I then quickly ran away from them and went into a door entrance of another shop nearby, I sat down on the ground, I watched what they were doing, I could see that they were getting something out of the van, then I saw liquid being poured over the van, it dripped all over the ground, then I noticed that one of the three took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it, then I saw the teenager throw it towards the van and then the three teenagers run away quickly.

As they ran away, I got off the ground and got to my feet, I walked towards the burning van, I could see fire all over the van, suddenly as I got closer to the van, it exploded and was very loud, it blew me back causing me to land on my back, I managed to get back up after a few seconds, then I noticed that my arm was on fire, I panicked and smacked my arm to try put out the fire. Then I rolled all over the ground to put the fire, the ground was very wet, luckily it did get put out, then I laid on the ground, unable to move.
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