Friday, October 25, 2013

Monster Mash...



Going through my photo folders on my computer, I tried to come up with 5 random --weenish 'monsters' to share:

1] This past summer while walking along the shores of the National Padre Island Seashore [National Park Entry Fee required], there is an old tree that somehow, sometime long ago, washed ashore and eventually settled in the sand-bed just a few yards from the beach. Most times, when we have been there, the brown pelicans are seen perching on the branches that jut out of the sea. On this particular day, early in the morning with the sky color dreary, the tree silhouette was baren and looked "monstrous". Of course, being who I am, I saw it right away and thought like Stephen King...a good subject for a horror story!! What do you think?

2] This year, driving along one of the main thoroughfares to get to shopping the street a bit, and into a residential area, a couple of homes had their yards decorated for the season. Naturally I stopped and took some photos of their yards. One home, the residents had their yard an entire graveyard with tombs all over plus some gory monsters swaying in the breeze from their trees. The house across the street had a HUGE Pirate Ship....

3] Naturally my witch collection. Tho most are not 'monstrous' in any term, I thought I'd add the newest in form of "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'"....just boots:

4] Now these next two photos, you really MUST use your imagination. Dig deep within yourself and you just may see what I saw on this one late September day [photo 1] at a city park here in town. Yes, it IS a tree. A live tree. In fact, the tree is called a Live Oak. But has nothing to do with it being dead or alive. Obviously at one time in the past the city grounds' keepers trimmed this tree and cut off a large limb that no doubt was in the way of the pedestrian walkway. Over the years, the remnants took shape. And here comes the imaginative part...does it look like a skull to you where the cut was; surrounded by tree bark? [to me, the mouth area even has rotted teeth].And the 2nd photo is of another tree cutting remnant at a whole 'nother park.In Port Aransas, Texas this time.Does it not look like a Grim Reaper?!! ---

5] Lastly, a monster from a TV series. Do any of you watch [this year, in fact, on the 25th of October, the 3rd season premieres on NBC]? Bud and I do. We have the 1st and 2nd season DVD collection and will be catching up on the season opener Saturday sometime, online. We were caught in a season finale that will be continued with Friday's episode. Anyway, GRIMM is based on some of the Brother's Grimm 'fairytales'. But in a very unusual, and kinda macabre form. The beasts from the Grimm tales are REAL in this television series. The very first one Nick [the main character] sees as a Grimm, he sees a HEXENBIEST [German for Witch Beast] take form. From there, it moves forward to many more bizarre creatures. And the morphing of regular people into the Grimm creatures is amazing. Okay, on to the Hexenbiest. I love the fantasy, the bizarre, the eerie, the spooks. And the make-up of said beasts. I was compelled to drawing one in pencil!! WARNING tho - the completed sketch is...well, it's creepy!!My version of the GRIMM's "Hexenbiest" as seen on the program....a real live person in make-up.Awesome.

BONUS RANDOM I know this is supposed to be random FIVE, but I wanted to share the photos I took with my cellphone while perusing the annual October Jazz Festival. Tho the bands are all amateur, they are for the most part pretty good. Bud and I would prefer more of the Big Band Era music tho. These days it's mostly Blues and what they call "Oldies" --which for us at our age isn't!! LOL Anyway, I prefer to walk the grounds to all the vendors while the music drifts through the park from all the stages. If there is a good song being played we'll stop and sit down under the covered seating areas and listen. So, here are a few of the bands and an artist that I stopped to watch while he did his work...the piece he was working on was all DOTS [he's in the photo ---oh, and the artwork behind him is done by him!!! Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil, See no Evil. He hailed from San Antonio and was selling his art work for $15 a piece. Bud also bought me the cute little LOVE BUG in a box....its legs move/jiggle continually....
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