Thursday, October 17, 2013

Music and models. August 10th.

Yoshi has been very busy at school with summer courses, photography club stuff and also privately, working hard on getting a new piece done for the Hokkaido Modeller's Exhibition which is held in Sapporo every year.

The reason Kon-chan came to Hokkaido was to play in an anniversary concert at his university, and he invited us along to hear them play. So Seiju and I went first to the modeller's exhibition to see Yoshi and then walked across to the concert. A nice day of contrasts!

Most of the models are military or otaku type stuff but this was a fantastic diorama of all kinds of ghosts and monsters crossing a bridge. I think this was my favourite.

This is just weird. Tank porn?!? Each tank had a girl perched on it who had something in connection to the country of origin of the tank. This girl is drinking a cup of tea because the tank is English. Apparently this is a thing. I lead such a sheltered life!! On to Yoshi's models. He works at a tiny scale so several of his models take up only a fraction of space on a table. He now belongs to one of the biggest clubs in Hokkaido who are mostly into ships, so he tailored his models towards maritime stuff this year.

Some of the other ships on Yoshi's table.

We left him there, happy in his element with thousands of other model geeks, and walked across to Hokkaido university. We passed this tiny old store house next to a modern highrise block.

The concert was great - Kon-chan played in the old boys' orchestra but there were performances by the current club members too. The whole atmosphere was friendly and fun. We really enjoyed it.On the way home, Seiju drove and I continued with my mad race to finish this blanket before the wedding!
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