Saturday, October 12, 2013

My binge eating today.

Today was a great day. I ate a bag of pepperoni, a pint of rocky road, and a big portion of a block of cheddar cheese. I then got dressed in some elastic waist pants and a black cardigan that was too tight. It buttoned but had some gaps in the sweater and the bottom of my fatty belly hung out a little. I went outside and finally started to get some stares. I went to McDonalds and got an Angus mushroom and cheese burger, a large Coke, and fries.Oh and honey mustard. Look at the calorie count and get the most fattening thing on the menu. I then went to Dunkin Donuts and had 3 doughnuts, a bagel with cream cheese, and a Coke. It wasn't very busy and the employee on duty stared at me the whole time, shocked I was eating it. i wasnt full yet so i went to panera and ordered the two most fattening meals on the menu. chips, pickle, baguette, Coke, the sierra turkey on asiago cheese with chilpotle mayo and the large mac and cheese. the woman checking me out was clearly judging me. this other girl kept watching me while i ate. she seemed a little turned on. my belly was huge, i kept rubbing it and my belly moved the table every time i breathed out. i also added that days calories in btw bites. it was 8,350 and a little more. I havent eaten that much in awhile. my stomach must be so stretched. if i can eat this much without Engorge, imagine how much I will eat on it. My walk back was my favorite party of the weight gain journey thus far. On the walk home from Panera well, let's just say I don't remember ever being that full. My cardigan was tight to the point of bursting. My belly looked like it was sectioned off into four hard sections plus my bottom belly hanging onto my legs and sticking. people stared and gawked. i tried to suck it in alittle but it was impossible. people laughed and pointed and called out "disgusting!". people stared and wondered. i was so happy to finally be getting comments from strangers on my belly! one group of kids walked past and this one little girl was shocked and kept turning around like i was a monster. i was waddling past restaraunt windows and the people eating stared at me. By farrr my fav moment was when i was waddling past a restaraunt where a women was locking the bottom lock of her restaraunt door so she was on the floor. my belly was looking HUGE and swollen. she said oh my god oh my god over and over as if she was afraid of my fat. her jaw was dropping. i turned around after i past her and she was still staring and chanting oh my god in fear. i got lots of other comments to. foh and btw, i got home and flopped on the couch and moved it about 5 inches so it hit my tall touch lamp and turned it off. my belly is a shelf and can move furniture around.

Written on December 9th, 2012

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