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Nightly Frights: My Werewolf Girl

This isn't so much a horror story as it is horror-related. It's really a romantic comedy. Boy finds girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Boy finds out girl is a werewolf.

Back in my college days, I was really into werewolves, especially werewolf girls. What can I say? Hot girls turning into furry yet voluptuous beasts? What's not to like?

In respect to the original deviant , I'm only partially posting this story here. If you want to read the rest, click the link below.

Also make sure to visitand check out his artwork (though fair warning: most of it is NSFW!).

Some people meet women at work, some at bars, some at school. I met my girlfriend when she was being virtually killed by her ex-boyfriend.

It happened during in the middle of the second year of my bacheor.

I was walking back home from seeing a late movie, when I heard deep animal snarl and a woman screaming. The good-natured guy I was, I ran towards the noise, but I wasn't really prepared for what I saw. A young woman was being torn into by a big dog. She was tiny in comparison to the beast, and had not hope of escaping.

During her pointless fight against the monster, she spotted me. Even today I still recall looking into those gray, almost shining silver eyes for the first time, and seeing everything. Her innoecence, her beauty, her soul, her cry for me to help. Her silent plea halted my backwards motion and I knew I had to try and save her.

I spotted a dumpster full of building refuse and stumbled over to it, finding a suitable rusting pipe. I heard a terrible scream, grabbed it and ran back to save the girl, before my fear got the best of me. I swung the lead pipe down hard on the dog-monster's head and it snarled at me, its forepaw swinging in return, knocking me to the ground. I sat upright to find its maw right next to my face. I stared into the thing's strangely human eyes and it stared back, before it turned and ran. Startled for a second by this, a pained gurgle shook me out of my stupor.

The girl was in a bad way, covered in blood with ugly deep rents in her flesh. I wasn't a doctor, but I suspected she was in a bad, bad way. I thought about what harm I'd do by moving her, when her hand grabbed mine and she begged me not to leave her. I told her I might have to, but she asked me to stay with me. I carefully lifted her up in my arms and basically treated her like a baby, telling her I'd get her to a doctor and everything would be all right. She looked me in the eye and told me not to take her to a hospital. I argued with her, but she protested that she wasn't that badly hurt, that she just needed to stop the bleeding. She asked if I had a first aid kit at home, which I did, saying that was all she required.

My flat was a minute away so it seemed to make sense, but I still had grave misgivings. I was about to put my foot down and take to a doctor anyway when she looked me in the eye and gave me brave smile while she thanked me for saving her. My brain shut off in reaction to this, but luckily my body knew where to go and how to unlock my front door without assistance.

I offered to clean up the cuts, but she declined and did it herself, her claim of earning a first-aid certificate overruling my sum total of medical knowledge having come watched TV hospital dramas. I asked her why she didn't go to the hospital, her expression getting distant almost sad, before she replied that the wounds just looked worse than they really were.

Properly bandaged, the girl looked tired and worn and I offered her my bed. She thanked me and said that she just needed rest. I watched her sleeping form for a long time, kidding myself that I was just worried about her injuries, but I was enthralled by her beauty. She wasn't a super-model, but then neither was I. It just she radiated innocence and wholesomeness, the whole package deal of what she offered being amazing. I kicked myself for even considering such thoughts, that I was such a pathetic loser that I had only possibly helped her because I was attracted to her.

I'd had girlfriends, okay, A girlfriend, but my love life hadn't been the thing of movies. Well, outside non-disaster movie perhaps. Ultimately my sole romantic relationship collapsed when I discovered all that she wanted me to do was the follow her own pre-planned script for love, marriage and a happy life as her husband. I just wasn't really cut out for the social side of life. I went to parties, to bars and clubs, but I still walled myself off everybody else.

I slid in beside her and wrapped my arms around her, thinking about how it would be different with this girl, that I wouldn't miss my chance. In the morning she looked pale and week, almost feverish. I was about to call a doctor when her eyes snapped open and said that she'd be able to get to one under her own power. I offered to take her there, but she told me that she could get there under her own power, that it would be a crime to miss my classes because of her. I stupidly did, spending a couple of wasted hours in a lecture theatre, unable to function as my every thought was devoted to her.

I virtually ran home after it was done, resolved to live by her side until she was well. She was still in bed, but she looked much better, her claims of barely being injured seemingly true. Deciding that she'd be hungry upon waking up I went to make her something nice, when I noticed that she'd already torn through the kitchen, eating enough food for a football team. Realizing she didn't really need food after all, I returned to the bedroom, wondering if she'd also paid a visit to a doctor too. She opened those beautiful silver eyes, reached over and put on her glasses and smiled at me, a wholesome honest smile that could melt ice. I couldn't help but smile back.

I realized that I was severely bucking victim/rescuer etiquette and introduced myself. She responded by telling me her name, Mary. We sat and chatted for ages, about this and that, and I realized that I'd never felt so comfortable around a female ever. When I offered to drive her home, she said that she had a dorm room on the other side of town, explaining part of why I'd hadn't encountered her before, though she didn't know for how much longer because she was having trouble making rent.

I blubbered about how she could stay here, for free, if she wanted. My parent's were paying the rent for the flat, and I had often considered helping them with that by getting a roommate, but nothing had ever come of it. I knew I sounded desperate and pathetic, she knew I sounded desperate and pathetic, but she said yes with that smile. to read the rest of the story.
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