Friday, October 18, 2013

October 18, 2013

Good evening,

The leaves are beginning to fall and the smells of autumn are in the air! Many fun and interesting things happened at the Primary School this week! Read on to see what we have been up to! Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend and of course, GO SOX!!


Sam Cederbaum

HELPING HANDSAnother new initiative at the Primary School this year is the Helping Hands program. Our wonderful specialist teachers will be going into classrooms to co-teach lessons with the general education teachers. The students will now reap the benefits of incorporating the arts into their regular curriculum. Mrs. Merrill will be spending her first Helping Hands session working with third grade students and their social studies curriculum. She will be working with the students as they study the clothing worn by the Wampanoag tribe in the 1600s. With Mrs. Merrill's expertise, the students will be creating native american wampum headbands. Future blogs will highlight what our other specialists will be doing with their Helping Hands too!

PRESCHOOL ENRICHMENTOur preschoolers were fortunate enough to be visited by Deb Hudgins this week. Ms. Hudgins visited our students for an interactive Music & Movement program featuring singing, guitar music, dancing, rhythm instruments, stories and variety of fun props, including a parachute, beanbags, scarves, and pom poms. The students and staff loved her so much that she'll be back to visit again periodically throughout the school year! Thanks so much to the PTO for bring this fabulous program to our preschoolers!

SPECIAL VISITORMrs. Gauthier's class was greeted by a special guest today! As part of the students' reading program, one of the books that they read focused on the training of service dogs. One student in that class has a parent that is currently using one of these remarkable animals. Cheyenne, her dad, and his service dog Finn came to visit and explain all about owning a service dog!

SUPER STUDENT WORKAs I walked through the halls this week I encountered some AWESOME student work! Thanks to the students and teachers for making our school look so GREAT!

Miss Babigian's students used these great pirate faces to demonstrate their

knowledge of writing numbers in different ways: standard form,

expanded form, and word form!

Mrs. Mooney's and Mrs. Jeznach's students went "batty"

creating math facts for this great halloween themed board!

Students have been reading since school started in order to "grow"

this fantastic tree in our library! Each piece of bark and each leaf

represents a book read by a student here in the Primary School!

Keep up the great reading!

First graders in Mrs. Wheeler's class created their own monsters

and then wrote a paragraph describing them!

Students in Mrs. Lancaster/Miss Jane's class read a Henry and

Mudge book and then retold the story using this great

graphic organizer!

Students in Mrs. Bertone's class used this candy apple display

to write reviews of some of their favorite books!

Mrs. Gauthier's Star Students have begun displaying their

All About Me pages for all to see!

LOST AND FOUNDOur lost and found "collection" is growing by the day. If your child is missing an article of clothing, please have them check the lost and found located by the Main Office. Take a look at what has accumulated already!

TITLE I BREAKFASTThank you to all that attended our Title I Breakfast on Wednesday morning. An explanation of the Title I program and services was explained. A special that to our fabulous Title I staff, Mrs. Bari, Mrs. Cordani, Mrs. McDonald, and Mrs. Stewart for their hard work organizing the event.

I hope you will be able to join us for this year's Trunk or Treat festivities! The fun will begin tomorrow, October 19 at 3:00! The PTO has some great activities planned so put on your costume and come join the fun!!

FLU SEASON IS UPON USWe want everyone everyone to stay as healthy as possible this winter season! Click below to read the Parents Guide to the Flu!

UPCOMING EVENTSOctober 19 - Trunk or Treat - 3pm-5pm

October 20 - Douglas Family Fun Run - 11am @ the Municipal Center
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