Saturday, October 26, 2013

Paper Plate Monsters!

I have to say that this is one of the most Bean-approved crafts we've done in quite some time. At 2.5 years she's all about doing everything by herself, and so in preparing our next Halloween craft I wanted to make sure she could do ALL of the steps totally by herself. Granted, this approach does mean extra thought and preparation time, but as far as i'm concerned it was absolutely worthwhile!

To make some silly and scary Paper Plate Monsters, you will need:

* Paper plates

* Poster paint

* Paint brushes

* Coloured craft foam sheets

* Scissors

* Black Sharpie

* PVA glue

So, in terms of preparation the main thing to do once you've gathered all the bits and pieces is to take the foam sheets and cut out some sets of different monster-ish facial features and then draw in the details using a black sharpie pen. I intended to make three sets of eyes, nose, mouth, and eyebrows (although I somehow ended up with an extra pair of eyes!) that Bean could then mix and match to make three different monster faces - but of course you can do as many as you like! I also pre-mixed the paint into some shades I thought would look effective and mix together well as Bean likes to use all colours on everything!

Once it was all ready to go I put all the bits together in a box up on top of our art shelves and waited for an opportune moment to show it to Bean...And I didn't need to wait long!

First the painting!

Then leave to dry...and perhaps have a snack!

Once the plates are dry then the real fun begins!

Bean loved pouring the gloopy glue...

...and then selecting the features to use for each Monster face (ironically she chose to use one colour of features for each face)......and there you have it! Scary silly monster faces perfect for Halloween decorations, story telling, and games of 'Monster Chasey' ;-)

Happy Playing!
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