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Photography Field Trips.


I'm guessing not so I'll just quietly update my blog, sobs. Anyway, I'm glad I'm finally posting updates on my blog. I have always loved to write stuffs on my blog, even if nothing really special happened. And I'm happy there are readers who enjoy my blog too.

I shall say hi to one of my newest readers, kuchan/Vercis (Idon'tknowyourealname)! Ha, I bet you're not expecting this (Ihopehereadsthis). LONG LIVE EGOIST!

Anyway, I have been updating my education blog more often my personal blog and it pisses me off. One of the subjects that requires that is Photography. Well, it's not like I'm hating it because I did have fun learning photography. And actually I don't really feel stressed in that class.

Look at how happy we are lololol.

Photography was actually an elective subject and we had to choose it between that or Human Communication. I attended HC's first class and the lecturer was a very fun woman. I was so tempted to join HC but I thought about my career. I was in a dilemma for the whole week and I asked my people for their opinion. My parents wanted me to take HC but I took photography in the end.

After my first class in photography, I had a slight regret because I knew I had to buy a friggin expensive camera and a tripod. Luckily, my cousin was thinking of selling his DLSR so I bought it. That way I could get a cheaper camera and my cousin can still see his beloved camera in my hands. But honestly, I have this pressure because it was once my cousin's camera, haha.

But after a few weeks, I was glad I took photography because the classes aren't really stressful. When I saw the HC students rushing to finish giant monster masks for an exhibition, I believed I made the right choice. And to make things better, I was in the first batch to have field trips outside our campus!

Our first excursion was in Batu Caves, and we students had to drive there by ourselves. Everything went well and we got there an hour early. We took photos at the two other temples before moving up the stairs to the main temple. There was construction going on in a cave and our lecturer asked permission to go in. We were lucky the workers allowed us.

Most of my photos are in black and white because my assignments need them to be.

Honestly, I thought that the cave was more interesting than the main temple. But it was dark and the statues were a little creepy, haha. Some of them even went climbing the stairs in the cave, leading them to another two dark caves. But it was empty, so we left.

Climbing the stairs was tiring and it felt dangerous because there was monkeys everywhere. I saw a monkey snatched a bag of peanuts in front of my eyes, terrifying. What is worse is when they're done eating, they'll just throw it down the stairs. A monkey actually threw half a coconut down, but luckily there was no one there where it landed.

I love this photo, haha. Taken by my friend Vanessa.

After we done taking pictures, our lecturer took us to eat a banana leaf restaurant. It was vegetarian so it's so-so. I can't live without meat. After lunch our field trip ended and we went back to campus.

Our lecturer originally wanted us to go to a jungle for our second excursion. When I heard that, I was so excited. And it made me more excited when he mentioned that there will be a waterfall. Oh my gawd, for the whole week I couldn't wait for that Friday to arrive.

But the lecturers in my university, they tell important details at the last minute. My lecturer changed the location to Chow Kit because he noticed that most of us wanted to take street art as our subject matter for our final project. You don't know how disappointed I was.

I went along anyway, because it was better than staying in class. I was actually okay with the location, but our lecturer scared us by saying things like 'I can't guarantee your safety in Chow Kit' and 'Keep your cameras in your bag'. He even told us to ask for our parents' permission for this field trip.

The thing is, Chow Kit is known as a red light district in Kuala Lumpur. My tuition teacher often joked about it. My English teacher also said that it wasn't safe there because people will probably rob you if you're alone. And my lecturer says there are probably drug addicts in the back alleys of Chow Kit.

How can an innocent 18 year old girl not be afraid after hearing all of that.

We were totally late to arrive at Chow Kit station. In fact, everyone was late because of the traffic jam and we had to take a monorail to get there. Luckily our lecturer wasn't pissed or anything and so he told us what we should do and what we should do at Chow Kit.

It actually looks like a normal town to me. We went to a few back alleys and no one got attacked. I thought the more we tried to hide, they more we stand out. Because who would miss a group of students holding cameras, taking pictures of almost every thing with a guy wearing socks high up till his knees leading them.

After a while, no one cared if people are going to rob us or not, we just took a lot of photos of streets, signs and markets. It was fun, I had a great time. I guess. Well, not really.

I was pissed at one point because our lecturer didn't wait for us and went straight to another market. The students who took photos fast enough went behind him but there are others who were lagging behind at the first market. I wanted to move to the next market for more photos but my friends were slow. They even bought fruits, LOL.

Then they got lost for a while and when we wanted to move on to the next market, our lecturer called us to gather and have lunch. Boy, I think my face was black after that. But lunch was delicious and I was back to normal again. Then, our lecturer disappeared immediately and we had to walk back to the station ourselves.

Group photo! But this isn't all of us. Taken by Danny.


But yeah, I did have a lot of fun. If there is another chance, I'll definitely go for another field. trip. But we have to focus on our final project now and other subjects' assignments are pouring in too. Time management is very important and I can't procrastinate a lot. But, I still do but yeah. What am I doing.

SOOOOOO. I guess that's all. My Facebook friends can see more of my photos but my readers can see colour pictures! Hooray, LOL. I hope I can update my blog more often with more interesting things to share.

I think I will. Yeah, I will.

Guitar competition! I don't think I can make into semi-finals, hahahaha. Thank you, Mike for teaching me all the flame outs and training together with me.
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