Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pokemon X's Xerneas Makes its Way to Super Smash Bros.

By now, we're assuming that Pokemon fans who were planning to take a stab at the recently released Pokemon X and Y already have their own copies, and have already picked their own starters. However, it would seem like Nintendo doesn't want your experience with the new breeds to stop with the Nintendo 3DS, as the official Super Smash Bros. website has just been updated with another daily pic. Most people will only recognize the grinning Pikachu, but if you look closely at the thing that's in his background, you'll recognize yet another pokemon.

That's right, that's Pokemon X's representative monster Xerneas. But whether it's going to be a fully playable character or a power-up, or just a stage design is not yet known. But still, Pokemon X and Y fans take note: we have one of our own showing up on the next installment of Super Smash Bros., which shows that Nintendo's really behind the new series.

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