Monday, October 21, 2013

pop art, nails, and a couple cobwebs

dear nonexistent readers.

the time has come to discuss the very important holiday in which we have given the name halloween. now three of my personally favorite things come with this holiday. candy. nails. and makeup. now, i have seen a lot of different things that look like they might be trending this halloween season.

first lets talk candy. my favorites are anything with chocolate and peanut butter. i seriously do not understand people who are not in love with chocolate and i weep when i hear of those allergic to peanut butter. also though crunch is such a forgiving candy bar. it is literally a rice crispy treat in chocolate. what a blessing. lastly you cannot forget kit kats. these chocolate covered wafers are always an essential on halloween. also never forget to consume all candy after it has been either refrigerated or frozen, for you risk being unsatisfied without this factor. i never like candy when it is warm. except for peanut butter sauce warm on my ice cream. oh yum.

now on to the fun stuff. nails and makeup! i have figured out how to add my pinterest account as a widget. so check out my board for halloween. you can see some of the cool stuff i ran into when i was looking for costume ideas. i have noticed two different trends in the halloween makeups this year if you are going a little more upscale and willing to put in a little more work. pop art and spanish inspired. a lot of the skeletal makeup these past years have had a very spanish flare. the way that they outline the eyes to look slightly more like the day of the dead type sugar skulls is fascinating and very appealing to be honest. i really like it. also, i have found that pop art is cool and being done as a statement costume as well. of course this one seems to be the more complicated of the two to master and as seen through some pictures, some people can do it and some cant. i have some really great pop art examples on my pinterest so check it out.

next is nails. personally i think that a lot of people make nails to busy and the key for them is to compliment not overpower and look junky. some people try to attach a 3 inch monster nail to make them look more creepy, but all i can think about is how gross it would be if they snapped off. really in the halloween spirit, i guess. i found some really cute ghost nails for halloween this year along with a little more complicated ones. i think that nails also allow you to kinda celebrate the holiday even as you grow older and teachers dont care that halloween is the one night of the year that you can get free candy. i think that you could wear it to school and get a ton of compliments too. nothing like a good old ego booster.

so there you have my three favorite parts of halloween. i hope when i read this later i still like chocolate and peanut butter.

night night,


p.s. this is in a new format where i add a link so the blue is my halloween pinterest page. if it doesnt work leave a comment! thanks guys
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