Tuesday, October 22, 2013


The commissions have been coming in a little more, and it makes me incredibly happy. People like my work enough to want to buy it, and it's just a nice, humbling feeling.

I've been thinking about going bigger, but haven't decided on what just yet. Lots of brainstorming, but it will definitely be a thing. If anything I will probably start with models that will be about as tall as that raven commission I did. What I'd really love to bring to life is a Drider or Illithid. They're my favorite 'monsters' you could say. We'll see how that goes. I know it will take a lot of studying of anatomy, and tons of trial and error. Also not to mention the hours it will take to get it right. Hmmm..

Anywho, here's my latest piece, ordered from my boss! Also, one of my personal favorites that I've done.

Not gonna lie, he was kind of a bitch.Believe it or not, I had an easier time with mutilated polar bear cub. I learned that... with sculpting... the smoother and simpler concepts leave more room for visible flaws, where as concepts with a heavier texture and detail can camouflage flaws. See those bumps and lumps and craters? I had to smooth, carve, and sand all that down, and paint it PERFECTLY so the lines were straight. If he had a fur coat or something... that shit wouldn't have mattered.

The little things.

Okay number 1. The fact that my BOSS commissioned a VAULT BOY is just.... awesome.

Number 2. It's a Vault Boy

And number 3. look how cute my rack is (haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.)

I got it at ... dun dun dun-- Michael's. On sale. duh

It's so great for drying and displaying! I love it!

It makes me wanna make a whole bunch of severed body parts and limbs and hang them all on there, hahaha! Perhaps I shall ^^

I also got these cute stickers that I'm not sure what to do with yet.

They were on clearance! And they're so pretty. They will go somewhere that I will make sure not to get rid of for a looooooooooooooong ti--BOOK CASE.

All my best thinking comes from writing here, I swear.

And also this storage container thing for my findings. They were currently all mixed in two little candle lid-made dish thing. It was annoying to fish them out :

Oh, the convenience!!

I love my craft table. It's the second place in the world that I enjoy being at, next to my computer desk. I just wish there was more room for my sewing machine.

Speaking of computer thiiiings...

Well... Rotny left for tour just before my birthday (as always) and I had just accepted that it'll always be whatever, because that's just how the cookie crumbles. He surprised the shit out of me with a chunky gift card to put towards a new video card for my computer!!!!!! This is something I have been wanting to do for a while now, but never had the funds and timing down to where I could do it comfortably. I have been gradually getting minor upgrades for it, like a new power supply and more RAM. Lets face it, with the games being released these days... what I had was doing okay, but it was time to upgrade. Especially with those nasty drivers NVidia has been putting out lately... wasn't doing shit for the card I had. Screen tearing AAAAAAAALLLL over the place... so yucky. I had to uninstall those and get older drivers for that shit to stop. Kind of lame.

ANYWHO.So... I thought it was funny that Lauren got me a gift card for more WoW time, and Rotny got me a gift card for my computer bits. And Josh got me a Kyubey plush doll. They're all related to each other. How is Kyubey related? Lauren did the voice acting for a character in that anime. lol. THEY ARE ALL. RELATED. YOU GUYS. It's the silliest thing, I love it.

I asked Rot for suggestions, and he basically went with what I was thinking. So that confirmed it! 's what I decided with.

And not only does it have two fans and is super quiet, IT'S CUTE.

The bed the day my card came in, which was like. the next day.

A size comparison. Top card was what I had, which was a GTX450.I've never had any problems with Geforce cards. So I went with what I'm comfiest with. Rotny got a Radeon a while back, and it was making weird noises that he had to google and was an actual issue with some of their series. Yucky. No, no. I go with Geforce ^^

I'm flashing you my baby girls bits. That big black wonky thing is liquid cooling. It's quiet. I like quiet.

I immediately wanted to see Guild Wars 2 in all its glory. It's a beautiful game, but I could never have run it with all the graphics blown up. It looked nice when I ran it, but the FPS would go down to the low 20s/30s on Ultra/High settings, especially with shadows and uber textures.

It looks GORGEOUS. Not that I'll start playing again, lol. Just a tester ;)

Everything else runs flawlessly, of course. The only thing I want now is a new processor. Maaaaybe a new tower. Slowly but surely!

So yeah. I've been a super happy Cynth! Life is good, and these stickers are going to look so cute on my book case! ^^

I made dinner for the cohorts. Josh loved it. I'm not sure if Rot has had any yet. Hopefully there are some left overs for Lauren, if she decides to visit tomorrow. Cohorts and myself are gonna go for a spin tomorrow around the neighborhood to be more active, haha. Rot and Josh will bring their skateboards, and I'll just go running. It'll be nice.

We have so much food. Josh made roast, I made seco, and tomorrow Rot is gonna make mushroom chicken. And Lauren needs to come over and taste test everything.

I think it's funny that both Josh and I are Virgos, and both Lauren and Rotny are Geminis.

IS THAT WEIRD? I dunno. It's dumb. But still... I think it's cute.


Good night!! :D
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