Sunday, October 20, 2013

Researching on Movie Poster

My next project is to make a movie poster in my class and I have to find some ideas for my movie poster on which suits bext for me since I love very much.This is what I was thinking this character style.

Since I love my favorite game called Persona 3 because the characters look like since it's awesome and almost realistic-like anime.I love howgame designersdraw them so much works from megumi tensei company.Furthermore my drawing style it's starting to improve a lot since I use the manga studio and watching tutorial videos to draw manga and anime characters. Plus, my story does take place in a school life as well and fight dangerous monster at day and night.That I was plan for my character designs so far. Next is my other idea for the clothes.

This is another of my favorite anime is BlazBlue: Alter Memory, it comes out last week if you hear out or play BlazBlue series before. It's because the setting in my story took place in the future where humans and half-animal and half- human comes together in harmony in the day a whilethe othershalf-animal and half-humans, who have "dark creature"live at night for example like half bats, wolves, ghosts, owls, and demons.I loved the main characters's outfits in this artwork.
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