Saturday, October 19, 2013

RUMOR: Rashida Jones Could Co-Star In Marvel's ANT-MAN

Rashida Jones.Yep.Is there another actress out there who pretty much dominates as much as her?I don't think so.The offspring of veteran music producer Quincy Jones and actress Peggy Lipton, Rashida made her own way through the rank and file of Hollywood to carve out her own piece of success.She's gorgeous, funny, down-to-Earth - she's awesome.Hollywood has taken notice.

There has been a sudden outburst of ANT-MAN talk these last couple of weeks.First, we got a pre-production photo from the film's director, Edgar Wright, that got all the comic book fans (myself included) in the blogosphere going crazy.Then, a rumor hit the web that Marvel had narrowed down their list of actors to portray the title character to Paul Rudd and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.Today, we learn that Rashida Jones is Marvel's first choice to co-star as the love interest in the film, Janet Van Dyne, who eventually becomes the superhero known as "The Wasp", pictured below.

For those who don't know, here's a quick synopsis of the character's origin courtesy of

Janet van Dyne was a daughter of a wealthy scientist named Vernon van Dyne. During an experiment, however, an alien monster was unleashed and Dr. van Dyne was killed. Her father's associate, Dr. Henry "Hank" Pym, had created a substance called "Pym particles", which allowed the user to grow or shrink in size, and had become the superhero Ant-Man; when Janet's father died, she convinced Pym to help her, and he gave her a supply of "Pym particles" and subjected her to a procedure which granted her the ability to, upon shrinking, grow wings and fire blasts of energy, which she called her "wasp's stings".

According to today's report, Marvel is interested in Jones based off of her chemistry with Chris Pratt on NBC's PARK AND RECREATION, as well as her experience working with rumored ANT-MAN contender Paul Rudd in the films I LOVE YOU, MAN and OUR IDIOT BROTHER.Pratt is starring in Marvel's next big franchise, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY which means that if this report is to be believed, Marvel plans on incorporating the ANT-MAN storyline into their other properties.

I don't know about you folks, but I really want this rumor to be true.I can see Jones in a film like this, and it would certainly raise her profile quite a bit.What do you think?Is Jones a good fit?Do you think this rumor is true?Tell us in the comments below!


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