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Scandal Episode 3 03 "Mrs Smith Goes To Washington" Review

I swear Thursdays move slower than any other day during the week. But then, any hour, minute or second without Scandal on our TV's is basically torture. Much like Huck crying into Olivia's shoulder, we weep into our pillows - "Scandal owns me." Episode 3 03 "Mrs Smith Goes To Washington" had everything: bombs, cover-ups, National secrets, breakdowns, threats, Jake Ballard, Baby Huck, Daring David, the almighty hand of Rowan Pope destroying the lives of everyone he touches. I've said it once, I'll say it a billion times - this show has no faults. It roars and crashes and ebbs and flows like the ocean - purposeful, unrelenting, majestic, somewhat frightening at times and possessing immense depth. If we could pick a fault it'd be the length of the episodes - they end way too quickly. But before I get too carried away with my Scandal obsession, let's talk about this week's episode, "Mrs Smith Goes To Washington."


TERRORIST THREATS & COVER-UPSHow a woman smuggled explosives into the White House is beyond me (maybe we'll let that one slide), but it was no surprise that Olivia got herself mixed up in the drama. A mini shout out to Cynthia Stevenson who did a fantastic job as Mary Nesbitt (we all know you weren't a terrorist), and to our leading lady Kerry Washington for making a hostage negotiation look like a walk in the park. They both brought tears to my eyes; especially when Olivia was forced to lie about Steven's death. Her reaction was expected - you find out your son's a terrorist, how DO you go on living with that knowledge? - but it didn't make the scene any less powerful or heart-breaking. How awful for Olivia; knowing that to save 57 lives she essentially sacrificed Mary's? It's hard to know whether Olivia made the "White Hat" choice in that circumstance. She was basically caught between two evils and she chose what she felt was the lesser one. Sometimes being the bearer of of National secrets sucks balls, hey Liv?

"She wants to know what's in the classified file on Chris Laurence." ~ Jake

"I know she does." ~ Fitz

"And you know Liv - she's not going to stop until she gets the truth." ~ Jake

"Well that's a problem Jake, because whatever you or I might feel for Olivia personally, the United States will not negotiate with someone who walks into the Capital building wearing a bomb. No matter who's representing her. So I'm sorry but you'll have to tell her you couldn't save the day." ~ Fitz

THE RETURN OF JAKE BALLARDForgive my tiny dance of joy at seeing Scott Foley back in action (and ignoring the bruises, thanks for the great shot of his body team). I loved how when Olivia collapsed through her door at the end of the day, Jake leaned in, gave her a peck on the cheek and proceeded to yabber about take-out. That's one thing he has up on Fitz - he likes to joke and tease, where Fitz is normally so serious and intense. I'm sure Fitz would be light-hearted and silly if he didn't have a damn country to lead, but Jake is such a breath of fresh airwhich is why the heavy silence between he and Olivia felt so tangible. Whatever mutes Jake Ballard must be a serious thing to contend with (or person, I should say). While we're on the topic of Rowan Pope - we clearly witnessed the reason he's 'Command' in this episode. Three of our main contenders are under his iron fist and despite multiple attempts to break free, they now realise - he owns them. I guess it begs the question - how do you shake the almighty hand of Rowan Pope?

"I never thought I'd get out of that hole. Never, and it's not just the darkness and the dirt floor that gets you, it's the isolation and silence. It breaks something in you. I just kept picturing your face - your face saved me. I'm here because you saved me." ~ Jake

A TOAST TO YOU, DEAR MELLIEIsn't Bellamy Young a gift from the gods? Only she could mimic being unceremoniously drunk while dishing out some of Mellie's best insults. While everyone else was in Save Olivia mode, she was celebrating the sheer beauty of her ultimate weapon. I have to admit, I thought she was drinking for the same reason Fitz did, so when she let loose and said why she was celebrating, my mouth dropped open in surprise. Then she proceeds to swagger out the door as if nothing could phase her - HA! On a side note - what the bloody oath is Operation Remington?! That random dude who caused a stir at the same time as Mary obviously felt the secrecy around the classified operation was a little unnecessary - a fact that cost him his life. I suppose all matters of high profile security must be protected, but whatever this operation was it certainly made a mark - a mark that bled into a stain, and no matter how hard the powers that be try to erase it, it continues to be a problem.

"I am celebrating because Olivia Pope still walks this earth, and she's still alive, and as long as she's still alive - well she's your flaw. Your Achilles heel, which makes her my weapon." ~ Mellie

I'm trying to resist the urge to grade Scandal an 'A+' every week, but the fact of the matter is - every episode is just as good as the last. "Mrs Smith Goes To Washington" evoked much of the same emotions I feel every week, but if I'm being honest it still wasn't OMFG-BAM-OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD like episode 3 01. The tension and insanely good acting has continued throughout the past few episodes; as has the intrigue around Operation Remington and Daddy Pope. Special shoutout to Joshua Malina and David Rosen for exposing his genitalia to king of all monsters Cyrus Beene - you have some nerve standing up to him and we have to credit you for that. I also loved Baby Huck this episode, but I think Katie Lowes misses her counterpart (and we did too - they're a team of Gladiators, not solo operators). Yes Scandal, you've done it again. I'm already salivating for next week (freaking 7-day wait.. sigh). Alas Scandal fans, we do what we must to survive *searches Olitz YouTube videos*. Til next episode!


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