Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Drifting Classroom

(About the category... since only Japanese comic is called Manga so I made the category consisted of both)

I really don't know if I should make a new category for this post (well I did) since I don't really talk about or watch anime or manga a lot nowadays (I watched more last time when I was in university... since I had more sources).

One of my favorite (I think it's also considered as an epic -- hey do I use epic here right? Since this manga is really awesome) is (20Nij seiki Sh nen). I'm not sure if it's classified as Sci-Fi. It's about a group of friends, when they were young they made up stories about them being superheroes and saving the world. When they became grown-ups, the things that they made up actually came to pass. The childhood friends stood up against this cult behind everything which was lead by "Friend". Sounds not interesting? But the story line is really awesome I recommend YOU to read it. The style is not like any shoujo manga but I assure you it is addictive.

Okay back to the main topic (lol?) which is the manga I was reading recently (actually it's since yesterday) -- . I've been hearing or reading about how awesome this manga is, and it was made into series and movies. I was looking and some movies list yesterday and saw this movie titled but man, is that a joke? It was like a poorly made fanfilm or whatever you called it. IMDB rate it 5.1 but I'd give it a 2, or maybe 1. Anyway, the manga is awesome though. I feel like it should never be made into a movie or series because the plot gets gory and most of the main characters are in elemental school. So I wouldn't want the director to get a bunch of kids and make them kill each other in front of the camera. I am against horror movie which use children in gory scenes, like possessed kid, killer kid, NO don't use them like that, poor children.

A brief summary: an elementary school disappeared into another dimension after an earthquake(?) and they time traveled to the future. In the future world the school is surrounded by deserts and they have to do all could to survive... as they discover dangers and monsters awaiting them.

One thing to mention is the characters in the manga are very smart. They generate electric power with the bicycle-liked things they have. It's like free work out + generate electricity. They did surgery using penknife. Etc etc etc.

Umezu Kazuo's "The Drifting Classroom" (Hyoryu Kyoshitsu) by watashiwani, on

The message carried out in the manga is very clear. Humanity, friendships, and to love our Earth. The ending is a little sad. I read some reviews complaining about the ending but I think it is the best it could be done?

Even though I feel like (or I chose to think that) some details are slightly exaggerated? Like all adults either gone mad, got killed or killed themselves but there'd probably be no not much beaut of humanity in disastrous time.

Love our Earth! Don't make our home a disaster for our upcoming generations!
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