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Fourteen-year-old Galian de Coudre held his dagger in front of him and kept his eyes on the narrow forest trail. He stepped slowly, taking care not to break the still silence. Laughter and the cries of an animal in pain drifted through the dense growth of old trees. He stopped, looked back at his brother Martin, two years his senior, and pointed left ahead.

"They're in the next clearing," Galian said.

Martin shook his head and smiled. "You have an ear, brother!"

They quickened their pace. From the edge of the clearing, Galian spotted two peasant boys their age, poking a crippled and struggling wild boar with sharp oaken spears. The boar squealed shrilly at the hard jabs. Martin drew his shortsword.

Title: What Profiteth a Man - Chapter 1: Coming of Age

Principal Character: Galian de Coudre

Subtitle/Summary: The Story and Travels of Galian de Coudre in the Time of the First Crusade

* May 28, 2012

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Fiction Author

Digit Eyes

Though Isaiah is profoundly blind, he has largely come to accept his limitations including the human refuse that prowls his neighborhood

SWR is short for Science Without Restrictions. While this organization considers Hitler to be an idiot, they regard Josef Mengele as a visionary instead of a monster. Their only goal is results regardless of what happens along the way. Project Vision so far has been a spectacular failure, but it is determined that a different approach must be taken. All that is needed is the right candidate .

Human beings are far from perfect and would make for dangerous sorts of Gods if given that type of power and with SWR's attitude regarding experimentation and their ownership of any work that they do, not only might something bad happen something bad WILL happen .

* May 29, 2012

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Fiction Author

--And a pestilence of Gods

Welcome to a post holocaust Earth where the modern walks in hand with the anachronistic, fiction is considered fact and fact is often violently disavowed.

The Chusann Empire in all of their twisted perfidy is a product of this new age and while things aren't so bad if you are one of the elite, the slaves that mine darkrock have nothing to look forward to except being worked to death. While Hiram is tossed down to the darkrock mines after his parents are executed, Eric treads the path of the privilieged elite and at some point , their paths will cross for better or for worse

* May 29, 2012Timothy

Fiction Author

The Spiritlands

Forget about the noble races of fantasy because the nobility was killed during the Spirit War (or the KingsDeath). What is left only generally fits the description of civilization because the dead now inhabit the same land as the living, the Gods tamper with the land (some say they use it as their litter box), and the only challenge is to stay dead after you have died .Torvii is only a charl, but he may become much more than that if he can survive long enough Crossborn Aelfen are not tolerated while one wielding a staff are tolerated even less only time will tell what will become of him

* May 29, 2012Natalie

Founder at Natalie Muller


I think I'll begin with my wedding day. I like starting there. I was eighteen when I married, old for a princess, but then I was not an easy girl to find a suitable mate. For one thing, very few men were willing to accept a wife who was as tall if not taller than they were. Apparently, men will accept many things, but not a woman who can look them in the eye. I spent a whole year watching my friends marry and move away, while I was forced to endure the apologies of kings and princes who brought their sons to court me, eager boys, who took fright at a single glimpse of me.

The narrator is Andromache, crown princess of Troy, and she is telling a totaly partisan account of the war in Troy. She is also reflecting on the nature of war and how it has affected those around her.

* May 29, 2012

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Writer & Blogger


Forced home after sixteen years of estrangement to care for her medically incompetent mother, Claire Nelson must face the past in order to discover her future.

Main Character - Claire Nelson, 35 y/o Professional

Genre - Upmarket Literary Fiction

Chapter 1:

Boston City Hospital was no different from any other Claire had worked in over the years. Spoiled physicians wanted what they wanted. Budget be damned. Claire tossed the papers on her desk, sending a pink message slip flying to the floor. God, I need a break. She plopped down into the chair holding her pounding head as spots danced before her eyes, not a good sign. The throbbing increased as she leaned over to scoop up the message. Her secretary, Patty had noted, "Stephen called @ 12:40 pm." Claire frowned, turning the note over to make sure she hadn't missed anything, shrugged, and reached for the phone, then hesitated.

* May 30, 2012

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at Holtentp

Gorky was sinking. She was nearly a month out on a three-month training work-up in the North Korean Exclusion zone.

The drone of the torpedo as it turned up towards them was deafening.

The boat had lurched upward with the impact. Seconds later battery power was illuminating the control room and providing essential life support functions. All non-essential functions, sonar and action information computer had closed down.

The ascent had stopped and Gorky was dead in the water. As light returned, survivors in the cramped control room turned toward the Captain. Captain Sorvachof had experienced real fear for the first time when mountaineering during his university life and he felt it now.

Main character. An ordinary man with a family and career in the Royal Navy leads his life, hopeful for advancement and personal happiness.

Summary. As Captain of an ageing nuclear submarine, the ordinary man descends into a world of political expediency where a mission of surveillance to North Korea becomes a fight for survival. Unaware of the subterfuge and deceit of self-centred Paul Corruthers, he performs his duties to the best of his abilities until faced with the ultimate dilemma as a member of the armed forces in a deniable operation where his very existence is threatened in an underwater duel between two submarines.


* May 30, 2012

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Freelance Writer and Author

Well, I am the main character .my book is a memoir. It depicts my story of what I went through after being diagnosed with a rare brain cyst. The fight I had to fight to get doctors to listen to me .and the fight to stay alive as one thing after another went wrong. Here is the first of the book .


The Diagnosis

October 2004

"Like any stay-at-home mother of young children will tell

you, life is very busy. There is never a good time for a

mother to get sick, not even with a cold. So in 2004, with

a three-year-old son and a six-year-old son, to be told that

I had a rare brain disorder was nothing less than devastating.

How will I fit that into my schedule?

It snuck up on me so slowly, clever and cunning, that

I wasn't even sure there was anything really wrong with

me. Maybe it's just stress, I thought. Maybe I'm over tired,

or I'm imagining things. But when a trip to the grocery

store, where I'd shopped a thousand times before, left me

in a sheer panic because I couldn't find the dairy section, I

knew that it had to be more than stress."

* May 30, 2012

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Author at Lazy Day Publishing

Maria, what an amazing story!

* May 30, 2012

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Timothy R.

CTO | IT Architect | Technical Adviser | Published Author | Getting it done right.

'Success Strategies for Technology Management'

Main character: Me

Summary: Non-Fiction: Reflection on past experiences in successful technology management and architecture, then the analysis of those successes and how my experiences can help the reader.


Leadership skills are not mysterious and can be learned. You may already possess the skills required and may not realize it. There are many people that have excellent leadership skills, but refuse to exercise them for personal reasons. There is nothing wrong with that--in fact; part of being a good Leader involves your willingness to sacrifice for others. Sacrifice is giving up something good for something better. The combination of sacrifice, commitment, courage, and risk are not part of everyone's personal constitution. If you cannot find happiness or contentment in sacrifice for others, then leadership is not the correct path for you. If you lack the courage to take a risk, and the audacity to be right when you know that you are right, then leadership is not the correct path for you. Utilizing the lessons outlined in this writing will help you to be more successful and a happier person, eventually bringing you additional income as you become a most desirable member in your organization.

Thank you Heather Marie!

* May 31, 2012

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Author, Screenwriter, Homme Fatal

Go Down Hard

Nob Brown

Noir Mystery

I look through the spyhole. Gloria has a bottle of gin in her hand and a pair of cuffs hanging from her belt loop. A deadly combination.

I open the door. "Evening, Lieutenant. You got a warrant?"

"Here's your warrant." She grabs the back of my head and sticks her tongue down my throat. I'd like it better if she didn't taste like Cheetos.

She walks in followed by her dog, Runt, who's not too bright but gets by on his looks. The strapping whelp of an Irish Setter and a Rhodesian Ridgeback, I suspect his red coat is the inspiration for Gloria's dye job.

* May 31, 2012

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Independent Writing and Editing Professional; published author

A Killer Among Us

Romantic Suspense

Colby ran down the front porch steps and retched all over Mrs. Flannery's beautiful red geraniums, again and again until there was nothing left but dry heaves. She wiped the back of her hand across her mouth and toed dirt over the mess, casting a woeful glance at the once brilliant blossoms. Legs shaking, she walked across the newly manicured lawn to her cruiser parked in the driveway at the side of the rambling farmhouse. Reaching through the open window, she grabbed the radio microphone and depressed the button. "Twenty-five to dispatch."

In a race against time, a rookie cop has to prove her worth finding a serial killer at the cost of her relationship, career and possibly her life.

* May 31, 2012

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Author of two books of poetry, one young adult novel, and a how to book about printing at Bill Ruesch Author

"Whistlin' Salamander" (A Young Adult Novel)

Every town has secrets. The smaller the town the more tightly the secrets are kept. Burns, Florida was like that in the early 1950 s. On the surface Burns was a perfect red-white-and blue all American place right down to its patriotic apple pies cooling on window ledges. The problem wasn't the people. The people were quite ordinary. Oh sure, there were bad seeds. Every community has their share of trouble makers, drunks, and petty thieves; otherwise what would the Sherriff do on Saturday nights?

No, the scary thing wasn't with the people, and it wasn't with the town proper.

Two adventurous children go seeking a way to create special magic to return their mother's to them and get way over their heads in magic, mystery, and science.

* May 31, 2012

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Romance Writer

When I posted the first 100 words of "The Full Nelson" those words were from the Prologue. Here are the first 100 words from the actual beginning of the story, as written by Nelson Nelson writes the book from prison, where he is incarcerated for the kidnapping of Lindy and Ricky DeCelli's five-year-old daughter, Samantha. His counselor in the prison encouraged him to write his story:

Chapter 1

My first memory of my life was when I was three years old. We lived on a farm in Central Pennsylvania. It was when I was three that I learned to fear three things--roosters, wasps, and my mother. It was late morning, too late for breakfast and too early for lunch when my mother gave me a bowl of chicken feed to take out to feed the chickens in the yard. As I stood there throwing the feed down on the ground for the chickens, a wasp suddenly swooped down and stung me on the forehead. It hurt--it hurt really badly--but I tried not to drop the bowl anyway.

* May 31, 2012

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Songwriter / Bass Player at RobertSongs

My book is Crossbow, which tells the story of a young Native American boy, Iswa, who is bullied, because he is small for his age, but invents a crossbow to compensate for his lack of strength and in the end, he uses his invention to save the life of his tormentor.

Chapter one - Frustration

His heart began to pound as the thought struck home. This was it. This was the one. The buck stood proud and golden in the shards of light and shadow cutting through the forest leaves. A prize like this one would dispel all doubt. It would prove his worth. He would be a great hunter. He would be absolved. But alas, if only he were ten yards closer. Despair began to flood his mind. It was always the same for him--the goal too great, too far, too fast, and all too familiar.

He had been born a runt, three moons early, and playing catch up ever since. If only chance favored him just once, he could prove himself. But luck never seemed to be on his side.

* May 31, 2012

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Author of "Theft by Chocolate" at Attica Books

"Theft By Chocolate," a sassy museum mystery about a capricious woman of a certain age looking for chocolate, love and an international art thief in all the wrong places is inspired by a real-life and never solved heist at a Canadian museum. The book is now available from over 100 online retailers.

"I scrambled beneath the humbling granite archway that framed the Canadian National Museum's staff entrance, water dripping from me as if I had just slipped out of the shower. The quivers that waved through my body triggered an uncomfortable realization, not that I was cold from my drenched state, but that I'd transitioned into the first stage of chocolate detox. I hadn't had a crumble of the substance for at least eighteen hours.

The tinted glass of the door before me mirrored a startling reflection - "harrowing" would have been a kind descriptor "

* June 1, 2012

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Romance Writer

Deborah: That sounds like a really good book. the beginning is grabbing.

* June 1, 2012Carole

Romance Writer

Robert: Yours also sounds like an interesting book.

* June 1, 2012

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Romance Writer

Luba: Your writing is good. Under what genre do you write?

* June 1, 2012Luba

Author of "Theft by Chocolate" at Attica Books

Carole, this is my first book and it is a bit of a hybrid as far as genres

go. It's not a classic mystery or museum heist story, nor is it a standard

romantic comedy. The term that is being used to describe it is a "cozy

mystery." I guess the best way it judge it is to read it.

* June 1, 2012Travis

Digital Media Marketing Strategist

My name is Travis Yates. I've written a book titled, "Lucifer Revisited: She's Not Who You Think He Is" Print and kindle versions available on and the Nook version is on B&N. It's explores the plausibility of "What if we're wrong in regard to who Lucifer is?" What if he is a she? I researched ancient texts and the Bible and ask questions, giving answers, to some you've never thought of, heard or read before. Like, "What could Lucifer have said that would make one third of heaven's angels rebel against God?"

* June 2, 2012Arthur

Grant Writer

My novel is Sequin Boy and Cindy. Billy is the main character.

I never thought anything good was going to happen to me and then I met this girl.

I saw her standing on the other side of the train platform at Jamaica Station, NY fidgeting with the torn buckle on her faded blue backpack, waiting for the 5:35 to take her out to what I later found out was a group home in Blissville, Long Island where she lived. She's a pretty girl with blond pigtails, big blue eyes and a great smile. And yet I sense there is something sad or withdrawn about her. Guess that makes two of us.

* June 2, 2012

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Owner, Author

Main character = Jeff (myself)

Six months have passed and I, an alcoholic, continue to have hellish nightmares after having had open heart surgery.

"The Maul Pen"

Part One

I find myself lying in a hospital bed, drowsy, but not in pain. I do suspect however, that I am slipping over the edge to insanity. I feel the weight of cold ice packs stacked upon my chest and try to lift them off. My hands do not respond however, as they are secured to the bed frame. You see, I am a very naughty hospital patient.

My eyes begin to close. Now, I see two wolves, one on each side of me, each with their fangs sinking into my chest cavity, pulling it apart. Their paws begin to dig, deeper and deeper inside

* June 7, 2012

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Author, film extra, medical school role player

Very hellish Jay!Is this is 'part one' of your novel or 'part one' of your short story entry for June? Like either way.

* June 7, 2012Carole

Romance Writer

OMG, Jay!

* June 7, 2012Christopher

Columnist and Author

Title: The Trials of Arthur.

Main character: King Arthur Uther Pendragon.

Summary: ex-soldier, ex-builder, ex-biker turned Once and Future King, takes on the British government about access to Stonehenge and wins.

First 100 words:

"Samhain. Halloween. The season of darkness. Grim clouds scutter like thin grey rags under a sombre sky. This is the time of the ancestors, the time of the ancients, when spirits roam the land. The time of the dark awakening.

Who can doubt now the changing of the seasons? Who can doubt the turning of the year?

We know this time and celebrate it. We have always known it, always celebrated it, since the beginning of time. We know it by the leaves turning crisp upon the bough; by the winds, by the rains. Winds that howl, rains that cry."

* June 7, 2012

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Heather Marie

Published Author

Jay, I never thought of doctors as wolves, but now I have something new to think about. What a good nightmare you have written.

* June 7, 2012Jay

Owner, Author

Harry, Carole, and Heather. This is actually the beginning of my yet, unpublished novel, "The Maul Pen". The nightmares within it will take you to places you never dreamed exist. This is the hell on earth where addiction leads you.

I have spent six long years now in writing this. It is a true story, however, I have been free during this time from alcohol addiction and have not even had one nightmare re-occurance since.

I promise, this book will scare the living crap out of anyone who reads it, especially if they're an addict.

Life is beautiful. If someone's addicted, it's time to get them clean. I know this book will help, because I've been there, and I'm bringing it.

I just threw a little taste out here to see what you think.

Harry The answer is yes!

CaroleAll is well now.

Heather hahahahaha Ya gotta watch out for some of them doctors!

Thanks to all!


* June 7, 2012

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Owner, Author

Christopher Stone * Title: The Trials of Arthur.

Awesome! It's not yet that time, but it draws nearer by the day

I like it!


* June 7, 2012Scott

Historical Fiction Writer

Christopher: I like it - poetic, haunting, and memorable.

* June 7, 2012Jay

Owner, Author

Arthur Levine * My novel is Sequin Boy and Cindy. Billy is the main character.

Well, there you go Authur, it's love at first sight! Sounds like the beginning of a great love story.

All the best!


* June 7, 2012Christopher

Columnist and Author

Thanks Jay. I liked yours too. Is it available ye? It's a fascinating - and timely - subject.

* June 7, 2012Joseph

Credit Manager at HVAC Company

A SPY AT HOME by Joseph Rinaldo

Note To Reader:

Since you're reading this, I'm dead. A great many years of my life I worked for the CIA, Central Intelligence Agency, for the federal government of the United States of America. I didn't say proudly worked, because I wasn't proudly serving the entire time. Don't yawn; you haven't read this one before. The book won't self-destruct; this isn't the same reworded spy novel you've read a dozen times where the hero does the right thing in the final scene and everyone good lives happily ever after and the bad guys go to jail. To be honest with you, I don't know how much spy stuff will be in this book. The important thing for you to know is that the author's royalties from this book support Noah, my son. He was a surprise, but not the kind of surprise you're thinking. You'll meet him later, and I assure you everyone will like him. Everyone always does. We're complete opposites. He's innocent, and I'm not.
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