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Masks scary, repulsive, mythical towelie towel ... Some of them left an indelible mark in horror movies

(mostly) or sci-fi, giving us some of the most memorable cinematic nightmares. Who was the one who stood on the opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator and made life difficult; Who was the tall Alien who cut the voice of Sigourney Weaver; For many years, unseen actors entertained towelie towel us / scared while hiding behind a mask and one outfit. We give them the credit they deserve, indicating the most typical cases.

Michael Myers - Nick Castle An old friend of John Carpenter was the one who played Michael Myers in the original Halloween. His name was Nick Castle, who paid just $ 25 a day to impersonate one of the best psycho ever appear on screen. Many years later, when former wrestler, towelie towel Tyler Mane, learned how to interpret the character at Halloween of 2007, sat down and saw all the movies of the franchise streak ...

Leatherface - Gunnar Hansen This gentle man was the Leatherface, a scary movie monster stoichiose us with the horrible crime. When he got the role of the Icelandic actor and writer, spent four weeks running towelie towel in front of the camera, brandishing a chainsaw over his head for 12 hours lasted shooting! towelie towel Got $ 800 and then disappeared from the acting. In the remake of 2003 undertook Andrew Bryniarski.

Alien - Bolaji Badejo The big mystery ... even after removing the mask. One of the casting directors of Alien, had just entered the bar right after he met the extremely high (2.10!) And thin, born in Somalia, Bolaji Badejo, a graphic designer who lived in South London. When Ridley towelie towel Scott asked him if he wants to play in the project, he replied "sure" and so spent the next ten months playing perhaps the ultimate towelie towel movie monster. The Badejo as it appeared in the set, and so disappeared since nobody ever heard anything about him again.

Predator - Kevin Peter Hall Carl Weathers When I first saw him on the set of Predator whole standing 35 centimeters tall by Arnold Schwarzenegger, then thought for Austrian: he is in trouble . And could the amount to itself was scary (2.26!), towelie towel But what defined the role was incredible moves and unique towelie towel attitude of the hunter, data copied towelie towel off all subsequent Predator characters. There is no man born who has uttering bad word for the Kevin Peter Hall, who sadly passed very early in the life ...

Chewbacca towelie towel - Peter Mayhew The British actress has a height ... 2.21 (!), That was more apt to get into the furry form of Chewbacca of Star Wars, with the special audio Ben Burtt take care of their roars. And not to forget ... Lando and robots R2-D2 took respectively Billy Dee Williams and Kenny Baker.

Gollum - Andy Serkis The ultimate example of this new generation of transformations. Nor little nor too by Andy Serkis spent three years of his life in a skintight leotard, so that every move is recorded by modern computers the production of Lord of the Rings.

Darth Vader - David Prowse + James Earl Jones Beside the English bodybuilder David Prowse towelie towel gave the Sith lord in his impressive stature, one that deserves special mention is none other than James Earl Jones the actor who gave the characteristic heavy breath in dressed in black "father."

Godzilla - Kenpachiro towelie towel Satsuma The incredible thing is that Kenpachiro Satsuma died interpreting the Godzilla, after the "suits" the role was too heavy and could hardly breathe. Indeed, the lack of oxygen was what killed the Satsuma, who played the monster in 10 movies. Also Haruo Nakajima and wore the uniform of the famous, huge lizards.

Freddy Krueger - Robert Englund Robert Englund is The face and .. nails behind the legendary Freddy Krueger film Nightmare on Elm Street. Talking about the mask haunted every dream. Difference.

Red Pyramid - Roberto Campanella To interpret the unprecedented really scary Red Pyramid in Silent Hill, the Roberto Campanella took to wearing a prosthetic suit which consisted of five parts and which takes three hours to put them! Also wearing soles height was 38
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