Thursday, August 29, 2013

Digital Storm targets PC enthusiasts with exclusive HydroLux cooling solution

Let's suspend disbelief for a moment and pretend that you're willing to -- that's the kind of cash you'll need to set aside for the HydroLux from Digital Storm. The system combines liquid and air cooling, a control board and a bevy of sensors, along with custom software that puts you in command of your PC's thermals. High-flow pumps will push over 300 gallons of cooling fluid across the CPU and graphics cards every hour, which is augmented by an airflow system that can adjust dynamically, operate quietly or act as a wind tunnel. As a nice touch, you'll also find LED lighting throughout the rig that serves as a quick visual indicator of the heat levels within your PC.

The HydroLux is a new upgrade that's exclusive to , and it's available immediately across the company's desktop lineup. You'll pay $1,084 for single graphics card setups, on up to $1,994 for monsters that rock four GPU cards. Feel free to check out Digital Storm's website and peruse the system; you don't have to return to reality just yet.SOURCE:

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