Saturday, August 31, 2013

Lady Gaga releases rehearsal footage of new track 'Sex Dreams'

It has become somewhat of a trend over the last few days that Gaga releases brand new footage of her rehearsing for the iTunes Festival.

Gaga is set to open up the free 30-day event at the Roundhouse Theatre in London tomorrow night (Less than 24 hours to go, Little Monsters) and last night, Gaga released footage of herself rehearsing a new track titled 'Sex Dreams'.

Thus far, we have seen videos of Gaga rehearsing 'Swine' and 'MANiCURE' - however, the vocals have once again been distorted in the 'Sex Dream's video. As Gaga explained a couple of days back, the video has been distorted to give us all a teaser of ARTPOP but not to give too much away until Sunday evening.

In the rehearsal video, Gaga is seen rocking a different wig, as we have seen her with black hair in the previous two videos. One thing that hasn't changed is the plain black clothing that she and her dancers are wearingshe wouldn't give away the fashion before the night now, would she?

One thing that is noticeable in the rehearsal footage is that there's a lot more dancers accompanying her in during 'Sex Dreams' which may point out that it's quite an energy fuelled track,

Lyrics include: "Heard your boyfriend was away this weekend, wanna meet at my place?

"Heard that we both got nuthin' to do

"When I lay in bed I touch myself and thinka you

"Last night / Damn, you were in my Sex Dreams / doing really nasty things".

clearly one of the more explicit songs on the album!

The iTunes Festival kicks off in just over 24 hours and I am SO excited I could burst! Bring on ARTPOP!

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