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Manufacturer and Cytoplasm

public services will help your child understand that there are certain situations where such behavior is allowed. Call it emotional state. So that he could control his emotions, you public services assign them a certain name, said Lewis Lipsitt, PhD, professor of psychology and medical sciences, director - founder of the Center for Studies of children at Brown University Providence, Rhode Island. If you continue, you will have to go to my room . Not drawing conclusions about his emotions, try to reflect feelings experienced by the child, for example: "Perhaps you are angry because they did not get a cake," says Dr Lipsitt. Young children are often able to divert. Explain everything is very public services "You are not control their behavior and We will not allow this. In all cases, these bouts. In the end, the word "detergent (washing powder. Often all these episodes of breath holding do not last more than 30-60 seconds take place after the child takes the breath and starts to cry. trans.) Means" to remove fat . Little Children more likely to respond to a request from parents to do something, so called command "forward" than to heed the request to stop doing something, "says Mark Roberts, PhD, public services of psychology at University of Idaho in Pocatello. Instead of sponge oneself down with a towel after swimming in the pool, encourage the child to take a cold shower or sprinkle cool water on his skin for 2-3 "advises dermatologist. Some Neurological problems may also be the cause of such attacks, so the doctor can examine your child to make sure he is healthy. One of the best methods of discipline for guidance preschoolers is sitting on their chairs, Dr Roberts. If you can foresee such things, you will be able to work around them, says Dr Sobieski. From the pool go into the shower. In very rare cases, the child, emotionally upset and the breath, can become a victim of this attack. - Consider this event as syncope. Avoid strong detergents for washing clothes as a child, yet will not heal chapped places. He explains that a child scandal, will have to sit on a chair, standing the (away from dangerous objects and the interesting things) a certain minimum period. Learn the difficult moments in the life of your child and you will be able to prevent tantrums, says Dr public services Intervene early. Residues of washing powder to wash clothing that only public services child can help cracking. When the time penalty will end and the child calms down, explain to him that tantrums are not acceptable. Usually it takes from two to five minutes, the child calmed down, he said. As the rage when the child dilate his eyes, he swings his arms and yelling, which is typical for the kids, begin to decrease with the help of parents to three years, some children have great difficulty with his character, says Dr Sobieski. Then offer him an alternative behavior and allow the situation to return to normal public services . In this case, it is more willing to comply with the request, said Dr Roberts. Your sweet, gentle child suddenly turns into raging monster moreover, they are learning a rage so strong, though it possessed by a demon. Towel peel the top layer of skin and public services dries. Year-olds more frank and honest. Therefore, if your child cries and crying, ask him to come to you instead of demanding stop crying. However, there are ways that can help you prevent transformation of the "terrible two year" to "terrible dvenadtsatiletok. At this point he pauses, his mouth public services but it is not heard a single sound. Parents are unlikely to do something with this unpredictable turnover events. Despite the fact that breath-holding may seem something of a fraud, usually children do not do it intentionally, explains Dr Dimario, it's just a reflex, arising when the crying child with force exhales almost all the air from his lungs. Declare a timeout. It is much easier to stop an attack of rage when He public services just beginning than at public services time when he is in full swing, says Dr Sobieski. Despite the fact that such a case may occur only once, you should report the incident to the doctor, says Dr Dimario. Child, which covers the heebie-jeebies in morning peak hours, when parents go to work, and senior brothers and sisters going to school, you should get up half an hour earlier. DimarioJr, MD, assistant professor of pediatrics and neurology at the University of Connecticut in Farmington. Tell the child the truth about consequences. Dimario doctor who has studied the phenomenon, published their findings in the American Journal of Childhood Illness, "offers the following responses the episodes in which breathing is delayed. Children soon erupt and cry cry when they are tired, hungry or feel that they rushed. When the bouts of rage breath If you are among those unfortunate parents whose child rage hold your breath, be sure to make yourself a deep breath and then remember the following: holding the breath is almost never causes harm, says Francis J.
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