Saturday, August 31, 2013

Project Movieball Post 3

Hola Amigos y amigas!

Welcome Back to the third day of the Project Movieball Movieball Project!

Lets just start shall we?


- Picture 1 - Halo seriesMan from NowhereInceptionThe Truman Show

- Picture 2 - Back to the FutureFamily Weekend (this image was on the shot glasses we got as a wrap gift)Kill Bill

- Picture 3 - GotyeCoheed and CambriaGex

- Picture 4 - The Raid (I don't say redemption, because it should be the only Raid)Once

- Picture 5 - Static XSports night (I kinda wish I remade this one)

- Picture 6 - Star Trek (jj Abrams)ScrubsAir Guitar Nation (look up C-Diddy)

- Picture 7 - Soul Series (soul calibur)LOST

- Picture 8 - Cabin in the Woods (Had a spoiler on it so I hid it. It's 9 cubes filled with Monsters)ColdplayAvengersZombieland

- Picture 9 - RammsteinRock band/Guitar HeroMario Kart Series21

- Picture 10 - Arrested DevelopmentKennyCage the Elephant

So that's Day 3! Lots of obscure ish movies and such, this is when I started to almost give up on the project, I was running out of Ideas and wasnt sure what to do next. Tomorrow will have some truly obscure movies and some overly complex drawings.

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