Thursday, August 29, 2013

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Mix Presents: Game Audio Digital Edition

Sound for videogames -- from sound design and orchestral scores to immersive 7.1 playback -- has advanced so dramatically in recent years that game soundtrack production rivals anything out of Hollywood. Creatively, technically and in sheer complexity. For multiple release formats!

The Content

PLAYSTATION SOUND: The new Sony PlayStation Studios in San Mateo, Calif., are just the latest state-of-the-art facilities in the company's long-term commitment to audio for games. A Euphonix S5 final mix room, an API rock and roll control room, a 35-piece live room, a Foley stage and 17 edit Pods. Designed by Chris Pelonis.

TOP TECHNOLOGIES FOR GAME SOUND: Plug-ins, recorders, and a particular DAW Here's a Top 10 list that all audio pros looking to enter Game Sound might want to brush up on.

NASHVILLE SCORES: Ocean Way Nashville has built a solid base in hosting scoring sessions for top videogame releases. Find out how they did it. Hint: It helps to be prepared and to have a big beautiful-sounding room with an 80-input Neve 8078 and some of the best musicians anywhere.

EARGAMES: Game Sound veteran Brian Schmidt introduces EarMonsters, a 3-D audio game that is designed for surround headphones, featuring only audio cues to defeat the monsters.

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