Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hunt the Rathalos (cake version) with a Monster Hunting cake cutter

has been known for releasing some awesome anime and video game themed and their latest one has proven to be monstrous and fiery to say the least.

Their latest offering is the Rathalos cake which is designed much like the majestic and fire breathing flying wyvern, the Rathalos.

The cake roll's "scales" are a combination of strawberry cream (red scales) and chocolate cream (brown scales). The chocolate cream scales are topped with cocoa powder while the strawberry cream scales are topped with raspberry powder to not only add flavor but also a very natural scaly effect. Strawberry cream with fresh-cut strawberries was used as the stuffing for this cake roll.

The cake also comes with a Monster Hunting "Epitaph Plate Blade" cake knife which you can use to slay the Rathaloscake. The cake knife is made of stainless steel and comes designed like the monstrous Epitaph Blade from the game. This "Epitaph Plate Blade" cake knife measures approximately 17 cm and comes with a 7.f cm custom knife stand which is made of ABS.

The cake costs 4,980 yen with an additional 735 yen for postage of a frozen product. The Monster Hunter 4 cake set will be released in November.

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