Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Project Movieball Post 1

Hello everyone.

So I was thinking, what could be a good topic for a short series of Posts. so i walked around my house toiling for hours, then I remembered, I made a 400 piece origami model. and I drew on Every Single one. To me, this sounds like a pretty cool series for me to write, If only I had individual images from all 220 Drawings.

So Today I'll intro the project and post my first 10 Pictures that I previously posted on my Facebook.

- Movieball Intro -

The Movieball is made up of 20 Dodecahedrons.

a Dodecahedron is made up of..

6 Square Tiles

- And -

8 Triangle units

for a total of...

120 Tiles, 2 pieces each, 240 total pieces of paper

- and -

160 Triangles. 3 per Unit are unseen, so I didnt make them. 100 Total Triangle pieces

- and -

Connector Pieces, Many of them, not drawn on

I'll describe how to Fold each individual unit in the next post

The Movieball started as a small Experiment on March 10th 2012. I needed something to pass the time and keep my mind busy, so I started to Sketch the Star wars Logo on a small square unit I made. From there I added the yellow and the Black background and I got hooked. Over the next 9 months I drew 119 more Squares, each one a different movie.

Alongside the Movie Squares I also drew on 100 Triangle units, all of those were TV, Video Games, and Music.

after the 9 Months I was able to finally assemble the whole Project into a Giant model, all sides of it with cool and interesting sketches and drawings. all hand drawn by me.

so without further ado, let's start the quest into the Movieball!

- PROJECT MOVIEBALL - - My First Set of Movies, from top left - Mimesis (my first movie I ever worked onStar WarsResident Evil Series (the Movies)James Bond SeriesThe Host (Korean Monster Movie)Nightmare Before ChristmasDisturbia

- My First Triangle Set - Left 4 Dead seriesPortalDead Like MeDoctor HorribleWhose Line is it Anyway?Assassin's Creed

- Random Group - Linkin ParkDeathnote (the Movie)The MatrixPan's Labyrinth

- Another Set of Triangles - Fallout SeriesMad MenThe SimsMirror's EdgeKatamari Damacy

- A solo Picture of Dead Island -

- A set of some of my favorite movies - Let the Right One InWantedOldboyHarry Potter SeriesV For Vendetta

- Random Set Again - 24Mystery Science Theatre 3000Borderlands (not my Final Drawing, Look for a redraw later)Avatar9Hellboy 1 (BPRD logo)Nick and Norah's Infinite PlaylistSerenity

- An Action Group - The Dark KnightBattle RoyaleHot Fuzz

- Some more drawings! - The IncrediblesGirl with the Dragon Tattoo Series (Swedish Version)CollateralAttack the Block

- Group Including my favorite Drawing, the Chaser - ChronicleThe ChaserRangoTrollhunter

So there's the First 10 Pictures, I have about 80 pictures total, Follow me to Keep up with the rest of the Huge Project as it Unfolds! the Drawings get more and more Complex as the project goes on!
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