Thursday, October 17, 2013

4K Outreach: Community Helpers (and other things)

* I was actually organized this time! As I promised the kids, I brought the book that shows what animals do in winter. We will tackle the controversial subject of wombats and marsupials later this year...

* The Wednesday class was surprisingly well-behaved, especially considering there was no teacher in the room (it's testing season). the Thursday classes were a little wigglier - all that rain tells.


* Police Cloud by Christoph Neimann

* Talked about community helpers. Some of the kids didn't get the idea of it being a cloud and thought the various things were "stuck" or it fell out of a window!

* Fox in the library by Lorenz Pauli

* Talked about community helpers - this was a little long for the last class, who were feeling very wiggly.

* Pete the Cat and his magic sunglasses

* I was surprised that not all the kids knew Pete the Cat - he seems to be more popular with the older kids. The last classes especially liked this one and one kid loudly told me "Pete the Cat is COOL"

* Little old lady who was not afraid of anything by Linda Williams

* Like the kindergarteners, the kids seemed to get bored of the actions by the end. Weird.

* Under the snow by Melissa Stewart

* The kids always like guessing the animals, even if they do call all the furry things squirrels and everything lizard-like is a chameleon.

* If you're a monster and you know it by Emberley

* Our roars were a bit scream-like near the end, but we don't seem to have woken up any of the napping children.

* Ping Pong Pig by Caroline Jayne Church

* I used this with the second two classes and they were very enthusiastic about it.



* The kids were a little disappointed that they didn't get to touch the pieces, but they liked giggling over the trees. Both of the second classes wanted to know if I had the gingerbread man story from last time and one little boy demanded that next time I "bring a story for the board with people in it"
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