Friday, October 25, 2013

All month that Anton spent behind bars,

Surapin wants to marry a girl who sent him pictures of bears

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As reported Belsat, immediately after the release of "American" Anton Surapin started looking for Catherine Skurat. He wants to confess his love a girl who sent him pictures of teddy bears. These photos were the basis for the arrest and prosecution Suryapina. Through the "Belsat" Anton Surapin recognized Kate in love and asks her to get in touch. Anton first revealed the person who sent him pictures confocal laser scanning microscopy of toys that served as the first documentary evidence of the reality of "teddy troops." Now it no longer makes sense, says Anton.

Pictures of teddy bears, the Swedes dropped from aircraft, confocal laser scanning microscopy Suryapina got from her friend Katie Skurat, who lives in Ivyanets. The girl photographer met in absentia - through a social network "VKontakte". And after some time they saw each other in "real life", at a festival in tsukerkavym Ivyanets. Anton recalls how at the end of the day of the festival made a playful Kate's marriage proposal, but now wants to repeat his words seriously.

All month that Anton spent behind bars, "American", Catherine was in his thoughts. Through counsel he gave Katie a declaration of love, but did not receive any response.

16-year-old girl also went through questioning, sought help from independent journalists, and then disappeared - it is no answer, and the page has been removed from the social network.

Head of Belarus, confocal laser scanning microscopy Kazakhstan and Russia have agreed about the draft Treaty on Eurasian Economic confocal laser scanning microscopy Union. >>>

oo, launched a new campaign - hand over the other in the KGB, help themselves and the state. Even the term sounded "a month - that's a long time", but you can upgrade to "wait will continue." Lovely creative! : (((Only shield with white thread. Okay, house cat rewrite, but to hand over the girl on torture - "decent" thing to do. And this is called a "prisoner of conscience", well, well

Haha. If he was "stitched vgalovku", the first thing they did - opened the mail and correspondence in social networks. confocal laser scanning microscopy So this little girl they found late in the afternoon. Someone to whom to pass, maybe it is about the fact that she was gone and the guy is worried?

You are looking for the girls - through the media, loudly, with suggestions? And putting

conditions - I'm waiting for a month - for me it's a lot, so I think, but it still will lose the chance to get married for a tough guy. Something is artificial, and within istoriyki with bears and suspicious. And you, when nepakoetsesya also make a marriage proposal with a defined period? :)

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