Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dragons, Demons, Biker Gangs,Here Are Some of my Favourite TV Shows!

Judging from the title of this post, it's safe to say that you have already discovered my addiction to television. But not that gross reality tv scripted bull, I'm talking about amazingly written, mind blowing shows. Shows that make you wish that the fictional characters could be cast in your life story instead of the shows. I'm now sounding weird right? Okay, on with the shows


Okay, let me start by saying wooow. This show is just asdfghjkl. I can't think of a more accurate description than that. If you watch the show, then you know exactly what I mean. There are so many characters in this show, that sometimes people get confused and intimidated by it. Truthfully, it can be hard to follow in the beginning if you have read the books. However, once you get through the first couple of episodes, you begin to grasp the different plot lines and characters and so on. There is so much depth to this show, and there are so many people you root for. There isn't just one bad guy and one good guy, as the shows title suggests, it is a game of thrones, and everyone is playing.


Don't be scared, this show isn't about a biker gang that runs drugs and kill like its sport Wait.

Just kidding. While that is one aspect of the show, the plot line goes much deeper. This show is Shakespeare's Hamlet meets a way cooler version of Hells Angels, all wrapped up in a web of moral dilemmas and complicated club decisions. And another reason to watch the show? Charlie Hunnam. That's all I'll say about that..


Basically, all those things that go bump in the night - are real. And hunters like Same and Dean track them down and ice 'em. This show isn't just a repetitive series of demon killing episodes, it has a larger plot line that develops through out the series. The character development and the evolution of certain relationships are incredible. And it isn't overly gruesome or dark, although it does have its..colourful moments. It's filled with hilarious moments that can crack you up on your worst day. And moments that could make you cry and cry and cry. If a show can make youlaugh and cry uncontrollably, its a damn good one. And Jensen Ackles


This is a much lighter show, as its not filled with cut throat killing, dragons, monsters, demons, or biker thugs like the shows above. It's main characters consist of a top dog lawyer who's ego is bigger than the city of Manhattan, and a genius pothead who never went to law school. I won't say more than that, because you're gonna watch it now right? But seriously, the writing is phenomenal. The humour is smart and witty, the characters are diverse and unique, the the relationship between Harvey and Mike (Mr. Ego & Pothead)is adorable. Plus, the show makes me think I'm learning more about the judicial system but in reality, I'm probably not.

So that will be all for now. I could easily list off five or six more shows, but maybe I'll save that for a part two. Right now, I'm going to continue procrastinating studying for my midterm and watch some Orange is the New Black. I'll do a review of that at some point maybe? Yes/No? Lemme know

- Amy
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